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The Agony And Pain Of Being Someone Who Always Takes Care Of Others


You are someone who always put other people’s needs first. You are a person people can rely on because you are always there for those who need you.

You have just the right things to say and calm anyone who is in distress. Your comfort makes them feel secure and loved. Your kind and loving nature make you someone who makes others happy just by your presence.

Your energy is so calming and healing that you feel like home to everyone who gets the chance to meet you and have you in their life.

That’s why you find it so hard to treat people like they treat you…

Even though sometimes you really want to do it and teach them a lesson, you can’t. Because you are not like them. You don’t have an evil bone in your body. Your soul is pure.

And when they break you down and offend you, you don’t offend them back. You are still as kind and as loving as ever, even though deeply hurt on the inside.

But, regardless of how much pain they’ve caused you, you will still forgive them. Even if the apology never comes. You always forgive so quickly and easily because there’s no place for resentment in your heart.

Whenever someone lets you down and breaks your heart, you always try and look at the situation from their perspective and even though they are wrong and deep down you know it, you always end up understanding and forgiving them.

That’s why you keep forgetting about yourself and your needs. Because you always care more for others.

And people have gotten used to your kindness.

Because you are always there.

No matter how much you promise yourself that you will be selfish with your time and energy and you’ll focus on yourself and your needs, the minute someone calls you and asks for your help and support you abandon all your promises and you run to them.

Yet, no one knows how YOU feel…

That’s the worst part of being someone who always takes care of others. No one asks you how you are, how you feel.

You are a human being, after all, you are not a superhuman even though perhaps you look like one to other people.

You want to be taken care of. You want someone by your side to hug you and scare your demons away. Just for a moment, you want someone to make you feel secure and special like you make them feel.

Of course, you won’t tell that to anyone. Instead, you start bottling up your feelings until you can’t breathe. You start feeling lonely, sad, and empty because when you need someone to tell you that everything is going to be okay – there is no one around you.

You start feeling taken for granted. And it hurts. But you can’t help it. it’s who you are. You can never be someone who can cold-heartedly turn a back on someone in need.

Dear someone who always takes care of others – I want to tell you to have patience and never lose hope. You’ll find your crowd of special and pure souls, just like you.

Just stay true to yourself and don’t allow anyone to change you into somebody ordinary because this cruel world needs more compassionate and loving hearts that make life worth living.

Mary Wright