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Strawberry Full Moon: How To Watch The Beautiful Eclipse Wherever You Are

strawberry moon

Today, June 5th the sky will be lightened with a beautiful moon eclipse called the Strawberry Full Moon. Every country will be able to see it, even those living in areas where the moon is not so visible will be able to watch it if they want to.

There will be a live stream of the event by the Virtual Telescope Project and should you want to watch it, click on this link around noon. Of course, it is not the same as being able to watch it in person, but it is a great opportunity for those people who don’t have the chance to view it clearly in the sky.

If you want to know exactly what a penumbral lunar eclipse is, here is the definition from EarthSky:

In a penumbral lunar eclipse, only the more diffuse outer shadow of Earth – the penumbra – falls on the moon’s face. This third kind of lunar eclipse is much more subtle and much more difficult to observe than either a total or partial eclipse of the moon. There is never a dark bite taken out of the moon, as in a partial eclipse. The eclipse never progresses to reach the dramatic minutes of totality. At best, at mid-eclipse, very observant people will notice a dark shading on the moon’s face. Others will look and notice nothing at all.

According to eclipse expert Fred Espenak, about 35% of all eclipses are penumbral. Another 30% are partial eclipses, where it appears as if a dark bite has been taken out of the moon. And the final 35% go all the way to becoming total eclipses of the moon, a beautiful natural event.

It is a treat to the eyes to see this amazing event on the sky. And even if you are not able to view the eclipse, the Moon will be very special tonight. Enjoy the sight!

Mary Wright