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Stop Chasing Him If Everything He Does Is Cause You Pain

leaving the person you love

If he plays hot and cold with you, if he toys with your emotions, if he wants you next to him one day and the other is pushing you away – then stop going after him.

If mixed signals are all you are getting from him, then maybe it’s time to see things for what they are and stop fooling yourself.

If his behavior is causing you pain, if his words hurt you, or you spend more nights than you would like to admit crying yourself to sleep, then please, let him go and choose yourself.

I know that you can’t control your feelings but you can control what you will and won’t accept. You have a choice to set firm boundaries and not let anyone overstep them. You can’t control what you feel for him, but you can stop yourself from falling even deeper for him. You can stop texting him, seeing him, accepting his flaky behavior.

If you’ve been more sad than happy with him – let him go. Because what’s the point in having him in your life if everything he does is causing you pain?

I don’t say that he won’t ever change, but you must act on what the reality is today. Stop fantasizing about the future and hoping that he would change. He might, he might not. You shouldn’t care. What you should do is focus on the reality that is in front of you and see him for who he truly is, and that is someone who is treating you as an option.

And instead of thinking how badly you want him by your side, start thinking about everything you want in a partner – love, respect, loyalty, attention, appreciation… He is not the guy that gives you those things. So, be real with yourself and start looking for a partner that will truly love you and see your worth. Someone who will never take you granted. Someone who will always be by your side.

Because, to the right person, you won’t have to prove anything. They will see your beauty and the goodness in your heart right away.

And they won’t be painful to love.

Mary Wright