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Stay Single Until You Find Someone Who Will Love You With All Their Heart


Love is a beautiful, beautiful feeling. However, it is not always perfect. There are not always long talks in the middle of the night. There are not always long walks holding hands until your legs tire. There are not always romantic dates, passionate kisses, and butterflies in your stomach.

But we all want those things, don’t we?

We all wish to be someone’s dream come true. We all wish to be loved the way we deserve to be love. The way every decent human being deserves to be loved. We all need to feel loved and cared for. We all need to have someone we can count on to be our light in the darkness.

However, very often we accept less than we deserve. We let liars, cheaters, manipulators, and toxic people into our lives and give them a chance to shatter our hopes and break our heart. We allow them close to our heart and when they break us, we quickly pick ourselves up and give them a second chance to destroy us, all because of our naïve thinking that the second time would be different.

Because deep inside, we want to believe in them. We want to believe they love us, and our love is so strong that will inspire them to change their manipulative behavior.

They never do.

All these amazing, charming, gorgeous manipulators know what you want to hear, and they always choose the right words to lure you in and use your good nature for their own selfish needs. They also know how to bring you back whenever you decide to cut them out from your life. Even if they are not in love with you, they can’t bear the thought that you can function well without them in your life. They want you hanging. They want you miserable.

This is how you start losing yourself. In your desperate need to make them love you, you’ll forget about yourself and your needs. You’ll find yourself doing inexplicable things, things that you couldn’t imagine yourself doing before. And all this for them. To make them stay. To make them love you…

But, trust me when I say that there are good and wonderful people out there. There are people who will love you, respect you, and value you. People who will care for you and your happiness. People who will look at you like you are magic. People who will do everything about you because they will love you with all their heart.

So, stop chasing after those who don’t deserve your love and attention. Stop giving your time and energy to liars and cheaters. Don’t make excuses for their horrible behavior because they will never change.

You deserve someone better. You deserve someone who will love you with all their heart.

Stay single until you find them. Stay single until you find the one who will see their world in your eyes.

Mary Wright