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Stay Home And Tune In To Sir Patrick Stewart Reading Shakespeare On Twitter

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The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly changed our lives for good. It has rearranged our everyday lives, postponed our future plans and canceled all of our activities. Countries around the world are shutting the doors to all the theaters and cinemas, productions are stopped or canceled. Streets are empty and we are all stuck home.

But one thing is for sure. It hasn’t stopped us from creating and sharing love with the world.

If anything, it inspired us to create even more.

To all of you who are fresh out of things to do, I have a surprise for you. If you are a Shakespeare lover and you enjoy listening to his sonnets, Sir Patrick Stewart has come to the rescue.


On Saturday, Sir Patrick, the man, the legend who is also known as a former member of the Royal Shakespeare Company for over 15 years, surprised his Twitter fandom with a video of him reciting Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116.

And he went instantly viral! His video was liked by more than 50k people!




Sir Patrick Stewart said that he was truly delighted by the response from his Twitter community. The amount of attention he got from his followers pleasantly surprised him and guess what… It inspired him to share another video!


So, he made another one. This time he chose his all-time favorite. Sonnet no.2 But he didn’t stop here. After his second video, he did a follow up with the third video of him reading Sonnet no.3.


Oh boy!

Does this mean that we can expect new sonnets from him every single day?

I sure hope so! I know I’d do anything to listen to his comforting voice every single day for the rest of my life.

But it seems like his tribute to Shakespeare inspired others as well. Because in no time, English actress Jade Anouka has also shared a video of her, Judi Dench, Ignatius Sancho, Simone Kirby, Meera Syal and others reciting Shakespeare.


Here’s how the Twitter community felt about this.


Stephanie Reeds