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Stay Away From Narcissists: Everything You Say Or Do Will Be Used Against You

manipulative sociopath

Narcissists. Social predators. Manipulative individuals. Emotional psychopaths…

Call them whatever you like. These people are everywhere around us and they exist to make our lives harder. Тhey are known as sneaky, skillful chameleons who have an inflated sense of their own importance, and therefore a strong need to feel superior to others.

They wear a mask. A mask that helps them transform into whoever they need to be. However, underneath it all, they are nothing. And once their mask falls off and they reveal their true colors, well that’s the real version right there…

Just know that whatever you say or do will be used against you.

Here are 5 characteristics of narcissists:

1. They lie and make the worst excuses. Yes, we all tell white lies every once and a while. We all make excuses when we’re caught off guard.  But there’s a big difference between a normal person and a narcissist. You ask why? Well, because lies are a part of a narcissist’s everyday life. These people say one thing and end up doing completely another.

2. They have multiple personalities. These people have a few different personalities up their sleeves and they use them on different occasions. One minute they will scream at you, the next minute they will apologize to you and then within an hour they’ll act as if nothing ever happened. And if you try to blame them for something, they’ll make you the crazy one.

3. They are always the victim. It doesn’t matter what they did to you, how bad they’ve hurt you or how wrong they are. In their mind, they’re always right. And they’re always the victim. Even if they hurt you, they will always find a way to put the blame on you. It is always you who is responsible for making them do something bad.

4. They have a condescending approach and a patronizing tone. They are always the ones who know everything and want everything their way. So, don’t be surprised if they start bossing you around. People like this believe that the entire universe revolves around them. And trust me, nothing in the world is more important to them than their own needs.

5. They have no empathy. They lack the most important thing a person can possess. Empathy. It’s not like they don’t feel things… They just don’t care about anyone else but themselves. These people have no sense of compassion, kindness or understanding. They could never put themselves inside your own shoes.

Stephanie Reeds