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Having “Rally Girl” Friends Is One Of The Greatest Gifts In Life

Having “Rally Girl” Friends Is One Of The Greatest Gifts In Life

Having rally girl friends is one of the greatest gifts in life. And I know this best.

Very often we get caught up in our daily activities and responsibilities as women, daughters, mothers, wives, and friends. We get accustomed to the organized chaos we live in and we forget to rest our mind and body.

So, when something bad happens to us, such as when we experience heartbreak or loss or when we’re faced with a failure, even the most structured and strongest of us can lose our bearings. This is exactly what happened to me three months ago after a health condition resulted in unplanned orthopedic surgery.

Then something wonderful happened. Friends began showing up and showering me with attention and love, and providing me with encouragement and support. Rally girl friends, already struggling with their own worries and problems, made time for me. They wanted to make sure I knew I wasn’t alone. They wanted to make sure I was aware of how much they loved me.

Knowing that their love was selfless and unconditional meant a lot to me. And knowing I mattered to them to such a degree was everything I needed to get back on my feet.

These rally girl friends brought me flowers, sent me cards, showered me with gifts, sent me funny memes to make me laugh, cooked meals for me, and dropped in on me only to spend time with me. I’ll never forget these acts of love.

For a woman that spends her days writing articles, I have to admit that I am left with only two heartfelt words to say to my rally girl friends – THANK YOU!

Genuine and loyal friends are diamonds in the rough stuff. They’re the strength we need to overcome every problem and every pain life may throw our way. They’re the embodiment of true, selfless, unconditional, everlasting love.

Share this article with your rally girl friends so that they know how much you love them and how grateful you are to them for everything they do for you.

Riley Cooper