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Sometimes Christmas Is Just A Proof That We’ve Made It Through Another Year

Sometimes Christmas Is Just A Proof That We’ve Made It Through Another Year

December is truly the most wonderful time of the year. New Year’s holidays are just around the corner. The bright Christmas lights are turned on and every street and corner is decorated and beautifully illuminated. People are in a hurry to wrap their gifts and make their New Year’s resolutions. Everyone is in a festive mood.

Snow is falling all around us. Children are playing and having fun. The stirring smell of cinnamon, gingerbread, and roasted chestnuts fills the air and for a moment we feel like we’re a part of a fairytale.

It really is the most magical time of the year.

Still, to some of us, Christmas is more than gingerbread cookies,  mistletoe kisses and decorating. There are years, like this one when Christmas is just proof that we’ve survived the storm. That we’ve successfully made it through another year.

And even though some of you wouldn’t understand this, it is important to say that sometimes these moments in life are the only things that keep us going. They are our small victories, our proof that we overcame every obstacle that life faced us with on our journey. Proof that we somehow got over our pain, loss, and grief. Proof that we’ve survived even though there were moments when we didn’t think we would make it.

Proof that we are indeed stronger than we think.

And that we still have hope.

Even when we’re on the verge of losing our faith. Even when it seems like our light is slowly fading away. Even when we feel too exhausted from trying and failing. Even when our hands and knees hurt and bleed from crawling. Even when our hearts are no longer capable of loving the way they once did. Even when we’re not sure what we believe in.

Even then, even in those moments, we still find hope.

You know why?

Because it is within us. It is a part of us that keeps us going. It is the breath that we take, the food that we eat, the fireplace that warms cold feet, the sun that gives us life. Hope is the very thing that keeps our hearts in place no matter how broken it feels. Hope is the ladder that carries us to our tomorrow.

Hope is something we will hold tight as long as we breathe.

To those of you who carried me, held my hand, made me smile, guided me and got my back during this year, you have no idea how thankful I am for your support. I am not sure  I would have made it if it wasn’t for you, my loved ones.

To the rest of you who recognized yourself in this article, may your last days of this year be merry and bright. And may you all find the peace, joy, and happiness that you seek.

Merry Christmas dear friends. My heart is with you all.

Stephanie Reeds