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Some People Only Exist To Teach Us How We Shouldn’t Be

Some People Only Exist To Teach Us How We Shouldn’t Be

It was not a long time ago that I thought that even though we people are not perfect and it is normal to err and make mistakes as long as our hearts and intentions are good. However, there are people who don’t have any goodness inside them and their existence only brings pain and suffering to others.

These people treat everyone so badly that they leave bruises and scars on their psyche, making them unable to love and trust again. But, everything happens for a reason, and sometimes we fail to recognize the good in all bad and that is, regardless of how bad we were treated, we can always learn something from that painful experience.

Because, before you got exposed to the toxicity of a person like this, you thought that no one had intention to hurt you. You thought everyone was as good as you. You had never experienced severe pain and suffering due to the betrayal of people you thought were your friends.

But, the hurt they will inflict on you has healing powers because it tears down your whole essence until you are left broken in pieces unable to put yourself back together. And with time, you will do it. You will put yourself back together and you will be stronger than ever and wiser because you will learn a life lesson.

You will be able to spot them from a mile away and protect yourself from their influence. And the most important thing that you will learn is empathy and compassion towards others. You will be considerate for other people’s feelings and needs and you won’t do anything to cause them pain because you have experienced pain on your skin.

You will feel a deep love for others that will be unconditional. A type of love only those who have experienced the deepest hurt and despair can give to others.

During your healing process, you will help others heal as well. Because you will understand their struggle.

Finally, it is true what they say – you won’t appreciate the beauty of the sun until you have had cloudy days. Similar, you won’t see and appreciate the beauty of the good and pure people in this world if you haven’t dealt with toxic ones.

So, never take anything for granted. Everything happens for a reason.

Mary Wright