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Should You Date A Doctor?


Sometimes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But what if a fine-looking doctor ‘everyday’ could keep an apple away? Okay, let me get deeper with that. If you are dating a good doctor, you can be sure of staying happy ever after. But is it beneficial to date a doctor? Why would you want to date a doctor anyway? Let’s explore that, shall we?

  1. You’ll be dating a genius

Did you know that to be a doctor in the US you will have to dedicate a total of 14 years of study? This includes four years of college, another four years of medical school, and three to eight years of residency and fellowships.

Generally, these folks go through a lot of schooling to be who they are. The job itself needs a lot of sincerity, determination, and a good IQ. So yes, if you are dating a doctor, be sure of having one smart person with you.

  1. They are your human ‘First-aid or emergency kit.’

What would you do if you had a slight accident at home or you experience a slight pain in the body? Let me guess; you will rush to the nearest chemist to get some medication or a physician’s advice. Well, all that will be unnecessary when you are dating a doctor. Whether you are sick, have cramps, or any other health issue, your doctor’s boyfriend has got you. He will naturally want to take care of both you and your problems.

  1. They’re good listeners

Forget about that regular guy who will interrupt you whenever you are trying to say something or having a serious conversation. With the doc, they are made to be good listeners. A doctor would never interrupt or cut you when you are talking. Naturally, they will always listen to you, analyze what you’re trying to say, then give their opinion after you are done talking. That is what they do every day of their life. They listen to their patients and are never tired of paying attention or giving an ear to them. Equally, they won’t get tired of listening to you.

  1. Commitment is their thing

Do you remember we mentioned earlier that a doctor would spend 14 years of their life studying? Well, if he can commit himself to work hard and get through the 14 years, what will be too difficult for him? A mere relationship that only needs time, effort, and total dedication? Absolutely not. A doctor will get used to putting all their effort into whatever they do.

Even though they dedicate most of their time and life to their job, they will also balance and give that relationship their best effort. They are very committed.

  1. They are compassionate

A doctor is one person who will do anything to save the life of a person. They can even leave in the middle of a dinner date just to attend to a patient. Well, only if you are a selfish lady would you find that rude. But if you take a look at it, you will know that all this is because your man is sweet and very kind.

If you assume you are the one in that situation, you will realize that the doc will do anything in their power to make you feel good, literally. They will be very careful not to hurt your feelings with their words or actions. Plus, they will always try to make you feel better whenever they realize you are offended in any way. So if you are thinking of dating one, you got yourself a great man.

  1. They have a good job/Financially stable

Okay, this is not to sound like we are giving the gold diggers the green light, but you can be confident of having a financially stable man when you are dating a doctor. If you are thinking of dating and even marrying him, then you can be sure of having a bright and stable future together.

  1. They’re great problem solvers

Do you have a situation or idea that is messing up your mind? Is there something that you need to solve but you just can’t get to a conclusion? Why not call your super-man BF to save the wreck? A doctor is known to be very efficient when it comes to problem-solving. They have handled some serious situations that needed them to step in and solve them. Specifically, nurses are fond of calling the doctor whenever there is something ‘too difficult’ for them to solve.

So yes, your doctor boyfriend will perfectly solve your problem without any issue.

  1. Free health checkups

Don’t you find it tiresome to book an appointment with a doctor now and then just to check up on your health? Well, what if that doc is in your hands and life and you see him every day? At home, your doc might have his equipment which he can use to check you up whenever necessary. Your doctor’s or boyfriend will always know if you have any health disorder. All this is done for free. Well, not exactly free though. He might need some special kind of incentive later when he gets back from work.

How Can you Find One?

So, are you settled on dating a doctor? Do you want to kick off a relationship with one? Maybe you already have a favorite doc at your local health center. But you won’t just start hitting on him, will you? No, but there is another way of having a possible relationship with a doc. You can find plenty of them online. This can be possible through the online dating site. Don’t have a clue where to start? Check out these best online dating sites reviews to help you.

For you to handle your relationship successfully with a doctor, here are some tips to help you on the way. Don’t forget that a doctor is just like any other person. They too have feelings. So, treat them like human beings, not robots that are supposed to know everything. Just because you found yourself a doctor doesn’t mean that he is Mr. Perfect. Be reasonable enough as you date your medical expert.

David Smith