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She Was Willing To Be Yours Forever, But You Let Her Slip Away


She knew she is not perfect. But she was trying to be perfect for you.

She had eyes only for you. She was desperately trying to better herself in everything. She thought that if she was to become more attractive, more fun, more generous that she would gain your respect for her.

She tried to meet your expectations in every way possible so that you would think of her as worthy of your love and affection. That you would finally make a space for her in your life. She smiled even when she could feel the tears burning inside her.

She only wanted to be with you.

No, she wasn’t needy. She didn’t want to be with you all the time even though you were constantly on her mind. Neither did she expect something from you. In fact, she was willing to do everything for you. She offered you her heart on a silver platter.

The only thing that she wanted was to spend some meaningful time with you. To connect with you. To get comfortable with you so that you can both share your fears and insecurities with each other.

She was always willing to put everything aside and run to you whenever you needed her. But, you were never there for her. You never got out of your way to make her happy and meet her needs.

She loved you.

You were her chosen person. She prioritized you over everything because she loved you. She wanted to know what makes you happy. She wanted to know what makes you sad or angry. She was curious of everything about you.

Because she was entirely yours. Unfortunately, you never really give yourself to her. You never let her get close to you. You never invited her into your world.

And no, she wasn’t naïve. She saw all your flaws and mistakes. But she accepted you as you are. To her, you were the most perfect man in the whole world.

And even though she never wanted to leave, you pushed her away from you.

You didn’t give her any reason to stay. She got to a point where she couldn’t stand to be treated as an option anymore. She was tired of giving everything and getting nothing in return.

So, she let you go. She realized that she was so infatuated with you and concerned about your needs and wishes that she forgot about her own. She finally understood that you can love someone and still walk away from them when they don’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

And remember, this was not something that she did willingly. You let her go. You pushed her away. And you broke her heart in the process.

You broke her heart every time you were deaf about her needs and demands. You broke her heart every time you didn’t reciprocate her love for you. You broke her heart when everything else was always more important than her. You broke her heart when you refused to make a space for her in your life.

Well, congratulations to you. You had a loving and kind girl by your side and what did you do?

You let her slip away when you should have been proud of her. You should have appreciated her efforts and loved her because a girl like that is a rare gem that is very hard to find nowadays. 

Image:Andrea Torres Balaguer

Mary Wright