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She Isn’t Heartless, She’s Only Been Hurt So Many Times

She Isn’t Heartless, She’s Only Be Hurt So Many Times

She is someone special. This woman is different from anyone you’ve met before. This woman knows exactly what she wants and is not afraid to go after it. She is independent and self-sufficient. This woman is aware of her value and she doesn’t accept anything less than she deserves.

When you first see this woman, you may make a mistake and think that she is cold and heartless. Well, she is actually a woman who knows how to love, but she doesn’t believe in love anymore because she’s been burned and hurt many times before.

She may appear like she is arrogant and distant. She is someone who has her guard up because that’s her way of protecting her heart. She has convinced herself that she is difficult to love and that she will never find her true love. And here’s why she is feeling like that.

1. She’s Been Hurt Before

One of the main reasons why this woman doesn’t believe in love is the fact that she’s been heartbroken many times before. She’s been through a lot of pain and sorrow, that now it is hard for her to open up and be vulnerable again. All the pain and heartbreak that she experienced have made her guarded. They taught her that the only way to protect her heart is to believe that true love doesn’t exist.

2. She Is Complicated

This woman is difficult to handle (for the weak man). She is blunt and honest and that’s why she is challenging to deal with. She is not easily impressed and being in a relationship with her takes a lot of energy, time, patience, and honesty. Something which many people are unable to do. That’s why she believes that she won’t find someone who can understand her complex but beautiful mind.

3. She Is Independent and Strong

Every hardship that she’s experienced in her life has made her stronger. Now, she is a strong and independent woman who cuts out every bullshit in her life. She realized that she is fine on her own, and if she doesn’t find someone who will match her strength of character and reciprocate her efforts, then so be it.

4. She Doesn’t Settle for Less

When she looks around and sees couples who swear to love each other forever, she can’t help but cringe at their lies and fakeness. She recognizes that under a shiny surface usually there is not much real love. And she would never be in a relationship like that. She refuses to settle for anything other than a love that will touch her heart and soul in a real way.

5. She Is an Old Soul

This woman doesn’t understand the concept of modern dating and she prefers doing things the old-fashioned way. She is an old soul that believes in monogamy and loving one person her whole life. She doesn’t play games, doesn’t do one-night-stands and casual dating. She is not judgmental, but she doesn’t want to be in a loveless and meaningless relationship.

6. She Believes in Happily Ever After

Even though this woman is independent and knows what she wants in life, she still believes in having a fairytale love and living happily ever after with the man she loves. She doesn’t want a shallow relationship and ordinary love. She wants the real thing. That’s why she has convinced herself that she will never experience that kind of love.

7. She’d Rather Be Single Than Be Stuck In A Bad Relationship

And finally, she would rather stay single than be in a toxic and loveless relationship. She is perfectly fine and happy on her own and if she ever decides to be with someone, it will be with the right person.

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Mary Wright