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She Finally Left Because She Could No Longer Find A Reason To Stay


This woman loved you deeply and unconditionally. You meant the world to her. She gave you her heart, body, and mind. You were everything she ever needed. Well, at least, that’s what she thought because the reality was something else.

You weren’t the man she thought you were. You didn’t give her the love she signed up for. You promised that you’d keep and take care of her heart. But, what did you do? You just played with her emotions and took her for granted.

When she left, it wasn’t that she’d stopped loving you. She just couldn’t do it anymore…All the fighting, the blaming, the crying. No, it wasn’t that she’d stopped loving you, it was she’d finally realized you never loved her.

She left because she could no longer find a reason to stay, but she had many others to walk away and leave the relationship behind her.

1. She left because she no longer felt loved.

At the beginning of the relationship, everything was wonderful. She enjoyed spending time with you and learning so much about herself. She felt happy and fulfilled. Her eyes beamed with happiness and she radiated joy. You showered her with attention and praise. You made her feel loved.

But, how could she know that this was your way of seducing and tricking her into believing you cared about her? That this was your way of stealing and playing with her heart. She learned that the hard way.

She realized who you really were when you made her feel like a girlfriend of convenience. To you, love was something that happened when you wanted to get something from her or when you needed her to boost your ego. Your love was never pure and genuine like hers.

2. She left because she got tired of fighting for your attention.

No, she wasn’t needy or clingy. But, it hurt her when you didn’t bother to make time for her in your “busy schedule.” You always had a lot of work to do. You always needed to be somewhere else – with your friends, with your colleagues – with anyone but her.

And she tried to tell you, she really did. She tried to tell you that your indifference was like a razor piercing through her heart. But, you were too busy to hear her. You were too preoccupied with yourself to pay attention to her feelings and needs. You were deaf to hear her calling your name and blind to see her value.

3. She left because she could no longer endure being strong.

Because you killed the joy in her. You made her feel frustrated and sad so many times. She walked away because she could no longer endure smiling when her whole body and soul ached. She could no longer hide her sadness and wear a mask of cheerful, bright face, while her soul and mind were wrapped in darkness.

4. She left because she got tired of the blame games.

She could no longer stand being blamed for everything that went wrong in the relationship. And because you were so good at pretending you were an innocent, kind guy, she gradually started believing it was her fault.

So, she tried to change herself. She did her best to meet your expectations. She tried to be the person you wanted her to be. But, is this the way how you love someone? Because when you’re truly in love with someone, you accept and cherish them for who they are. You acknowledge all their imperfections and you never try to change them.

5. She left because she could no longer stand being manipulated and hurt.

Your constant lies, false promises and excuses emotionally drained her. She gave you a thousand chances and you blew all of them. She forgave you time and time again, but you didn’t care about and appreciate that. You got comfortable depending on her forgiveness.

You thought that you could lie to and cheat on her as much as you wanted and that she’d always be there to forgive and give you another chance. You knew you had her heart and you could manipulate her.

Hah, who knows how many times you laughed at her behind her back, thinking how naïve and amenable she was. But, when did love and hope begin to be considered naïve? She was neither naïve, nor blind, nor dumb. She just unconditionally loved you. She believed in you and saw the good in you even when you couldn’t do that yourself.

6. She left because she could no longer stand being your option while you were her priority.

You once told her that she was the most important person in your life. That you’d do anything to make her feel safe and protected. But, very soon, you forgot about this and started neglecting her feelings, needs, desires, and problems. You thought you didn’t have to pay attention to her because you knew she’d always be there when you needed her.

On the other hand, she sacrificed her happiness and inner peace for you and gave you her heart and soul to the point she had nothing left to give. She lost a track of herself. She couldn’t find a purpose to live. She felt empty, like she was a ghost.

7. She left because she could no longer fight for you.

Even long before she finally walked away, she often wondered if she should leave. And yeah, she should’ve listened to her gut feeling. But, no, she decided to stay. She decided to look for signs that she should stay. She hoped your cold heart would warm and soften if you looked into the depths of her soul and saw how deep her love for you was.

But after all the struggle and all the sacrifices, she finally realized you can’t fight for someone who has given up fighting for you a long time ago. You can’t make someone respect you if they aren’t capable of doing that themselves.

8. She left because she realized she deserves better.

She realized she deserves to be with someone who will show her that love doesn’t have to be tough, that it doesn’t have to hurt. Someone who will always treat her as a priority and never an option.

She realized that her self-worth and potential is much more powerful than anything.

It was painful for her to leave, but she knew if she had stayed, it would have hurt her even more. So, she plucked up the courage and walked away.

Now she’s stronger than ever and she can smile again. Now, she can spread her wings again and fly away in search of the life she deserves.

And for all the amazing women out there, may you find the strength to believe in yourself and in your value, and find the courage to live the life of bliss and joy you deserve.

Image: anton petukhov

Riley Cooper