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Set Those Boundaries – People Will Respect You Only If You Respect Yourself

Set Those Boundaries – People Will Respect You Only If You Respect Yourself

Do you want to hear the biggest paradox in our lives?

We constantly complain that people don’t treat us with respect, yet we forget the fact there we are nothing but magnets. The truth is bitter; however, it is the truth. In life, we attract nothing but the reflections of who we really are. If you ask me, I believe that we attract what we choose to be at any given moment.

That being said, the key to gaining respect is self-respect. Self-respect means self-love. Or in other words, having an understanding and appreciation of the underlying character traits of our true selves.

After all, if we don’t accept ourselves the way we are and respect our differences, how the heck do we expect others to do the same?

Set the boundaries that you’ve always wanted to set and focus on yourself!

1. Stop letting people control you. It’s your life, damn it. If you let others have the last say in what you should do and what you shouldn’t do, it is obvious that you lack self-respect. Stop for a second and ask yourself… “Is this really what you want?”

2. Stop hiding your true feelings. I know it’s hard to open up and be vulnerable. But getting in touch with your feelings means reconnecting with your inner self and becoming aware of your emotions, no matter how dark and heavy they are. That is how you develop self-respect.

 Respect Yourself

3. Stop compromising your happiness. You matter. Your life matters. And just like every other human being on this earth, you deserve to be happy. So, why is it hard for you to just say NO when you feel like it?

4. Stop holding back from pursuing your happiness. Your own personal dreams and goals would never come last on your priority list. Learning to love yourself is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Never ever hold back from pursuing your happiness for the sake of others.

5. Stop wasting time on things that you hate doing. You shouldn’t force yourself to do uncomfortable things only to please others. That is not self-love. That is the opposite of that. Respecting yourself means setting boundaries and following your gut feeling.

6. Stop thinking about what others think of you. The truth is, they don’t even think about you. Their opinion of you is directly linked to their own opinion of themselves. Let go of this burden. You don’t need validation from someone to be happy.

7. Stop accepting unfulfilling, toxic and average relationships. When you don’t respect yourself enough, you don’t believe you are worthy of real love. You doubt yourself, and like or not, that is the kind of vibe that you share with the world. No matter how much you try to cover your insecurities, people can sense your confidence. As a result, you attract relationships that are unfulfilling or in the worst-case scenario, toxic.

It really is as simple as that. If you want people to respect you and accept you for who you are, you first have to find a way to look yourself in the mirror and fall in love with the reflection that you see.

No one said it’s going to be easy, but I can tell you one thing. It will definitely be worth it.

Stephanie Reeds