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Self- Love Is The Only Remedy That Will Save Your Soul


I was blind, but now I see.

I was trapped, but now I am free.

I was hurting, but now I am fine.

And all of this I owe it to myself. Because self-love is truly the one and only remedy that has the power to save your soul. The only solution to all of your seemingly unsolvable problems. The best and most efficient form of healing. The pill that will make your whole life a lot easier.

Self-love makes you a stronger and much braver person. It helps you open certain doors that you’ve kept shut for many years. It gives you the courage to abandon everyone who has ever wronged you and end every relationship that weighed you down. It boosts your confidence and eventually convinces you that being alone is not the end of the world and it is okay. It helps you realize that you don’t need another person to feel complete or happy.

Self-love helps you face all of those hard lessons in life. It makes you a fast learner and a smart player. Self-love does not let you torture your soul on relationships that are not good for you. It does not tell you to keep giving second and third chances to people who don’t even deserve to be looked in the eye. Self-love does not make you heartless. It helps you realize that your emotional and physical wellbeing should always be on top of your priority list.

Don’t get me wrong. Self-love does not mean feeling superior to those around you. And it certainly doesn’t mean becoming a cold-hearted person who only cares of themselves. It goes much deeper than that. 

Because self-love sets you free.

It’s is not about anyone else but yourself. It’s about believing in yourself regardless of what the world tells you to do. It’s about following and respecting your own values regardless of how different they are. It’s about staying true to yourself in the world completely based on lies and manipulation. It’s about accepting yourself with every flaw and imperfection that once bothered you. It’s about choosing your own choice and being in control of your own journey. It is about picking up your broken pieces, embracing your insecurities, learning from your past mistakes, rising above your self-doubts, healing your wounds and realizing that you are the only person that can truly help yourself.

Self-love is the result of all those inner battles and personal fights that you had to go through to become who you are today. It is a light that illuminates your path and keeps you going. A ray of sunshine at the end of the tunnel that lets you know that whatever happens, you can always rely on yourself.

Most importantly, self-love is not selfish. For you cannot truly love anyone else until you learn how to love yourself.

Stephanie Reeds