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Self-Care Means Choosing Carefully The People You Keep Around

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Exercise, meditation, and pampering are the most common types of self-care that we often hear of today. And indeed, they are all beneficial to our overall health. But, there’s one form of self-care that we hardly ever think or talk about, and that’s who we surround ourselves with.

The truth is that the people you choose to keep around can impact your life in significant ways. They can contribute to your happiness or take it away. They can help you improve your self-esteem or damage it. They can encourage you to work on yourself and pursue your goals or make you think that you’re weak, unimportant, and useless. They can inspire you to become the best version of yourself or make you turn into the worst version of yourself.

After all, life is too short to spend time with people that drain your energy and prevent you from being happy, so why not carefully choose those you surround yourself with?

Self-Care friends

When it comes to friends, make sure you always choose quality over quantity. Because having two or three genuine, honest, caring friends is way better than having a bunch of ones who suck the happiness out of you.

Indeed, wasting time on individuals that don’t add value to your life is just meaningless. It’s absurd. And undoubtedly, it’s not a sign of self-care.

Because self-care is about being selective about the people you surround yourself with. It’s about surrounding yourself with people who are able to give you the love you deserve. People who lift you up. People you’re able to trust and count on.

Self-care is about surrounding yourself with individuals that genuinely love you and care about you. Individuals that accept you for who you are. Individuals that believe in you and know your worth and that make sure you’re always aware of it yourself.

Self-care is about surrounding yourself with people who appreciate your kindness, your compassionate nature, and your generosity. People who appreciate your efforts and everything you do for them.  People who aren’t afraid to sacrifice their own needs and desires for your happiness. People who stick with you through thick and thin. People who don’t make you feel alone. People who’d never give up on you.

Riley Cooper