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Retire At 55 And Live To 80: This Is Why Retirement Has A Great Effect On Physical And Mental Health


There is no doubt that retirement is intimidating for a lot of people. There are many factors why most people fear the effects of quitting work earlier than they are supposed to. Some are not sure if they are financially stable to leave their workplace and wallow in the beauty of freedom forever. Some are afraid that they will no longer have a purpose in life.  

But even though retirement may not seem like the greatest idea for many of us, one thing is certain. It benefits and improves our mental and physical health more than any amount of money could.

As years pass us by and youth begins to fade away, our bodies change. And with it, so does our health. Both physical and mental. And it is no surprise that with the increase of age comes the decline in our health.

But what may surprise many is learning that out of all things that we can do for ourselves, earlier retirement is probably the most beneficial to our overall wellbeing.

While it is not certain whether or not retirement truly affects our physical health, studies show that quitting your job earlier than your retirement plan is directly linked with the improvement of your mental wellbeing.

Here’s why:

First of all, no work is equal to no stress. When you retire, all of the problems that come with work are no longer there and the usual stress in the workplace is stripped away, allowing you to finally live your life the way you intend to.

You have more time to sleep and recharge your batteries. Let’s face it. No pills, therapies, and medications work better than sleep does when it comes to our personal health. Imagine not having to be somewhere early in the morning. Imagine not having to work late on overtime. Imagine sleeping until you feel rested. It feels good even thinking about it, doesn’t it?

Most importantly, retirement gives you the energy and desire to turn to physical activities. With more free time on hand, you can do literally whatever you please. Hiking, yoga, tennis or exercising are just some of the activities that most retirees turn to. And for a reason. Physical activity is proven to have an incredible benefit to our overall health.

Even though all of this sounds like a sweet deal, retirement can still seem like a pretty difficult and challenging transition for some people.  If you are someone who finds it hard to adjust to life after retirement, here are a few tips that will definitely make your transition easier:

1. Don’t forget about your friends. But also, don’t forget about making new ones. Strengthening your social network is a good idea at any time of your life, but especially after you retire. Having someone to share opinions and open your heart to is a truly important thing in life. Keep your friends close.

2. Keep learning. Don’t let your retirement force you to detach from reality and fade away. Your brain needs to be fed well, even after you’ve quit work. Learning a new thing every day will keep your mind active and healthy. The more open you are for knowledge, the more you’ll grow.

3. Find something that makes your heart smile and eyes glisten and focus on it. Whether it is a hobby or simply a habit, don’t hesitate to let your imagination wander. Allow yourself to get creative and live your life through each and every one of your senses.

Stephanie Reeds