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Reduce The Size Of Your PDFs Using PDFBear 


PDFs are making an enormous part of the net world today. Maybe you do not know the trick to reducing file size, which is to compress it. Once you search this tool, many similar platforms will appear, and indeed you may wonder which one you ought to trust for the protection of your file. PDFBear is the answer to your problems in such a large amount of ways.

You will learn how to compress a PDF file using PDFBear if you read further from now on. With a PDFBear, you will just need any browser, no software to be installed. And it’s easy to use even if you’re not a techy one. You can access this with any device such as apple, Linux, windows, or perhaps android phones. 

How to Compress PDF using PDFBear?

Before we proceed in directions, all you need to have is a laptop, PC, or perhaps mobile device. And just search the PDFBear; you will need an internet connection or mobile data. You can do this anywhere and anytime you need it. It’s just maybe in front of you. Here are the ways to compress PDF.

  1. Choose a file from your drive and ensure it is a PDF file. Not a jpeg, word file, etc.
  2. You will see an option and choose what you desire.
  3. It will take seconds, and it will depend on the file size to process.
  4. If it’s complete, you can share your file using the link or maybe download it.

With the assistance of a PDFBear, even if you have many files, once you compress them, it can save space on your disc drive. The first file size, by up to 70%, will be reduced. Those are one of the benefits you can have once you compress files since other PDF files have a large file size. Imagine a book from your class that will indeed have a big size of file. You can send or email the file quickly.

Why use PDF files? 

This file incorporates a lot of uses. Because of the pandemic, many of us use this file to look at their activities in several sectors. You would possibly notice it quickly if you would like to go looking for a specific file on the web; usually, people can see it in different activities like classes, orientations, seminars, meetings, business, and more.

Use of PDF in school. With this situation, gatherings such as parties are prohibited everywhere. Classes are affected during this matter leading them to be part of the online world. On the trainer’s side, PDFs are very helpful since they need such a lot of files like modules, quizzes, books, and more. That’s why compressing PDF would be a big help to save space. Imagine a file that’s as huge as a shelf stuffed with books inserted in your USB; this could benefit those who can’t access directly in offices or schools. PDF files are one of the most straightforward tools that are helping them given that it is the most accessible resource. Sending homeworks and other school-related activities via PDF will also save resources on both ends. No need to mail a physical copy of the files. Plus, PDF files are easy to share and edit. 

Small and big businesses can sell online in the sector, and even starting companies can start quickly and explain their goal through PDF. Rather than face-to-face meetings, using webinars, and presenting PDF. Also, businesses deal with a lot of files. Compressing everything and saving into the smallest file possible can save the business some storage space. Some businesses would even allocate some budget for cloud storage. Compressing PDF files can help in slashing the budget for more storage space. 

Benefits of Compressing PDF Using PDFBear

Your file is hugely protected. Why? Even though the file has been resized, the quality from the recent file has not changed. Easy to use and friendly to people who don’t seem too familiar with these platforms, plus, it’s free! There are some files that emails can’t handle. That’s why if you compress it using a PDFBear, it would save your work and benefit others!

If you are looking for an easy-to-use tool that offers advanced security and collaboration features, making it an excellent choice to increase productivity. You can access all of Soda PDF’s Combine PDF functionalities through the cloud from any mobile device. In addition, you can use Soda PDF to prepare and send contracts for e-signature directly, saving time and hassle.

Other benefits of using PDFBear 

Even if it’s for free, you don’t need to worry about your files spreading, or someone will get it since the file will automatically be deleted permanently from the server. They do not care about it, but they care about you. PDF isn’t almost compressing files. So that means your files are secured.

PDFBear can convert other files. You’ll be able to convert it back from its original file. Files like word, excel, ppt, jpeg, HTML, and PNG. even in the same PDF state, you’ll be able to organize its content. Merge, split, and delete pages that are unnecessary for you. You’ll be able repair your file once you encounter problems with it. Almost all the tools you need for your job are just right here.

You can also view it on different gadgets, share documents, add watermarks thereon, rotate, and quickly determine the number of pages. And about the protection, you’ll be able to protect your file or remove the protection anytime. With just a browser, PDFBear can do all the jobs. Just follow the simple steps and don’t skip.

In Conclusion

Considering generations have lots of portable devices. The web world has it too. PDF files are making significant changes to your files. that produces the work so efficiently in an exceedingly lot of sectors. There are lots of platforms there, but PDFBear is hugely recommended by plenty of individuals. It’s free, you’ll use it on the go, and it is easy to use. 

After you change a large file, it can compress it with no changes to its quality. It’s protected, and it’ll last long for as long as you save and backup it into another storage. Yes! Always keep a copy of your files, so it means it doubles the quantity of size, and with the assistance of a PDFBear, you’ll be able to save plenty of space, and it costs you nothing.

David Smith