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Quality at its Finest: Steps and Benefits of Using PDFBear as Your PDF Compressor


The Portable Document Format or PDF is an electronic file that features a useful manner of keeping and reproducing information quickly. Most people often rely on this format because it works on different operating systems. However, there can always be a disadvantage when using this type of file format.It is always possible that PDF files can be oversized, and that means trouble if you need to send it through Gmail.

All you need is a reliable and safe PDF compressor that shrinks your PDF file size safely. Luckily, the PDFBear has a complete solution when it comes to these matters. Furthermore, to use this PDF software, you will no longer have to secure money but an internet connection and a device only. On top of that, compressing your PDF files with PDFBear comes with a handful of benefits. Learn these simple steps on how to compress, and find out what else does PDFBear has to offer. (1)

Follow Straightforward Instructions

The compress PDF tool is only one of the ways to do with the PDFBear. With its high-quality performance, their website gained significant popularity among its users. The PDFBear can compress PDF file up to an estimated 70% of your file. Additionally, its users find it very easy to manipulate, as it takes only a few and quick steps to have their files compressed.

  • “Drag and Drop” or “Select Files”

While other PDF websites require a very long list of instructions in compressing your file, the PDFBear does quite the opposite. It’s the reason why PDFBear is the right tool for you.

Uploading files on their server allows you to utilize these two simple features, which you can choose from. Either way, the software guarantees its users the best quality results. The “drag and drop” feature uploads the necessary files to their server faster. On the other hand, the “Select Files” tab allows you to manually browse through your folders where you can select the files you need to upload.

  • Choose Between Two Available Options

This second step, where you get to choose how you prefer to compress your PDF file, is done after you have successfully uploaded your files. The PDF Compress tool will provide you with two available options: “Basic Compression” and “Strong Compression.” These options vary whether you are using the free service or you are a Premium subscriber. 

Regardless, the “Basic Compression” feature will give you excellent quality and still shrinks the PDF’s file size. Afterward, the compression process automatically starts and takes a few moments to complete, so it’s not a time-consuming software.

  • Download and Save

If you are new to this PDF software, one thing you would love to know about it is they also enable compression to different file formats such as Word, PPT, JPG, or even Excel. Indeed, PDFBear offers superb services.

In this case, as soon as the site completes the process, you will see the “Download” button on the page. You can immediately download your freshly compressed PDF. You can save it on your computer or share the file with your Google Drive.

Advanced Protection and Security System

There is absolutely no reason for you to be skeptical when using PDFBear’s Compress tool because the software prides itself on its incredible security system. It is the PDF site’s top priority to ensure maintaining all your files’ privacy and safety. PDFBear users should utilize all PDF tools with zero impediments or issues about unwanted individuals accessing their files and documents.

The PDFBear protects and secures its user’s files and documents with the advanced security system called 256 BIT-SSL Encryption. On top of that, the PDFBear does not provide a single type of advanced protection and security. Uploaded files do not stay forever on the website. 

PDFBear makes double security tactics by deleting all uploaded files and documents one hour after uploading. The same activities are done with successfully compressed and formatted files. 

Highly Accessible and User-Friendly Interface

With PDFBear, experience unlimited possibilities in managing your PDF files. The reason why this software remains on-trend is that the accessibility surprises its users. It works on all operating systems; whether you use Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, or even Android, you can freely access its website, as long as you have an internet connection.

Additionally, PDFBear does excellent work that offers its users a user-friendly interface. If you go to their website, you can notice the blue color motif’s relaxed and pleasing effect and a formal yet straightforward font style to create a comfortable scroll to read. The designer has well-anticipated that users should not find it hard to read information and instruction since they already deal with a lot of words.

Even though you are new to using PDFBear, you will not take a bunch of time looking for the tools to use. Everything you need, such as the instructions and the tools, are well-organized and well-presented in single-page space.(2)

Outstanding Cloud System

Since you are using PDFBear, you can be worry-free whenever you need access to your files. The PDFBear has a cloud system where you can access your merged, converted, or compressed files and download and edit them on any electronic device such as laptops, smartphones, or tablets.

On top of that, since the website uses a cloud system, any features and tools you will use will not eat up space or data storage from your computer or any device you will use. PDFBear will only require you to create your account on their website, so access will not be a problem anywhere and anytime.


If you look for another PDF site, you might end up feeling unsatisfied. PDFBear provides the most reliable, safe, and excellent solution to all of your problems dealing with PDFs. Furthermore, subscribing to its Pro version will give you a whole new level of completeness. Also, you will then experience unlimited access and enable the “Strong Compression” option.

David Smith