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How to tell whether a moving business is legal


Moving is a source of stress due to a myriad of reasons. Due to this, dealing with relocation fraudsters should be the very last thing on your list of priorities. When choosing a moving service, it is imperative to verify that the firm is legit to make you confident of their capability to manage your move and your belongings with care.  When choosing the moving services, it is imperative to verify that the firm is legit to make you confident of their capability to manage your move and your belongings with care.

If you don’t do your research ahead of time, you’ll be in danger of working with untrustworthy moving companies who will use a variety of methods to steal your money if you do not do your research before the time.

Unfortunately, there are a few fraudulent movers who are active during the busiest time of the season for moving, which runs from May to September. Professional and licensed movers like Zeromax are sought-after during this time of the year due to reasons that seem clear. Here is a list of potential red flags that should be a warning sign to avoid potential frauds to prevent yourself from having a disastrous moving experience you won’t enjoy. (1)



Main differences between reliable movers from those who are scam

Beware of being scammed on the day of your move. Before you sign up for the services of a company for moving it is vital to confirm that the business is legitimate. It should not take more than one hour to confirm whether a business exists. It is a safety check which could save you from many hassles later down the line. These are the signs that your moving company could display.

There are many negative reviews of movers

It is essential to examine the rating of any moving company prior to you make a choice. There are plenty of negative reviews that show their services are not high-end. You should also look out for too many glowing reviews because this could mean that there are fake reviewers.

A significant initial deposit

Most reputable and licensed movers will want only a small down payment at the time of making the reservation. Many moving companies don’t require an upfront payment. Instead, they ask to pay in full after the job is done. It’s quite likely that the company you are dealing with is fraudulent if they ask for a more substantial initial payment.

Cash is the only acceptable payment method

You may get a better rate when you pay your moving company in cash. If the movers refuse to accept cash payment that is an indicator of danger. Credit card transactions are recorded and may be challenged if something goes wrong. Moving companies that are certified will accept a variety of payment methods, including credit card payments and other options.

Incredibly low-interest rates

The large down payment and very low moving rates raise red flags. Moving is not a cheap endeavor. The company has to pay its employees, along with fuel, taxes, and car maintenance. Compare the quotes you receive from other companies to ensure that you are receiving a fair price. Scams could include doubling the cost at the final minute and bets that you’ll not be able to find a new provider quickly.

Time management issues

If the movers try to change the date or timing of your move be skeptical. Another indication that something is amiss is when the crew shows up late or does not provide an estimate. While it’s understandable that there be a tiny number of reschedules or late even from reputable movers but a large percentage of these issues can point to fraud.


Find out the characteristics that make movers trustworthy and reliable

Understanding the requirements for the moving company to be legitimate is essential. A legitimate moving company must be registered and licensed by the State Department of Transportation or the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration):

  • Movers who operate within the same state. Local businesses need to obtain the state department of transportation movers license to do business legally in the state. In contrast to movers from outside the state, in-state movers are not permitted to operate beyond the boundaries of their home state.
  • Movers who operate across state lines. Any certified long distance moving company that plans to make transfers across state lines should have a valid license issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. To verify that they are been properly registered, each interstate mover is issued a USDOT number.

The USDOT number is used by the federal government to monitor the safety records of a moving company. This includes evaluations, ratings, and inspections, as well as an investigation into accidents. The shipping of your home’s contents must be cautious about whether or not a moving company is registered with a USDOT number as it indicates a genuine business, which is the most important factor. A USDOT number means that an interstate moving company is registered with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This means the business is in compliance with federal safety regulations and is adequately insured. They can be held accountable for any customer having a complaint or dispute with the service. (2)

Reliable moving companies are the ideal option for your next move

It is evident that any type of moving of any type is subject to a fair amount of regulation, and should you opt for one of the right and certified services for moving, the process won’t involve a great deal of hassle for you. After doing the necessary research, don’t limit yourself to one quote from a company that offers moving services. Choose at least several companies, each of which should be asked to provide an estimate for your home. And finally, choose the mover who best suits your budget and requirements.

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