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Appreciate Her And Never Take Her Love For Granted


It’s hard to find true, genuine love nowadays. This society has made people turn bitter and selfish. Love is slowly turning into another virtue that has lost its true meaning somewhere along the way because people seem to be too afraid to show a raw, real emotion.

Just like you are with her. You’ve found a girl who is clearly not like anyone else you’ve met, yet you failed to meet her halfway. You are aware that she fell in love with you, but you still decide to play her the way you want.

Some may say that she’s a fool for loving unconditionally and expecting too much, but the truth is, she’s an optimist at heart.

And some would judge and say that she’s desperate without knowing that all she ever wanted was finding a pure, crazy, happily-ever-after type of love…

She is no stranger to love, but she’s no stranger to loss as well. 

Many times, she gave her heart and soul to people who didn’t deserve anything. Many times, she loved madly and unconditionally hoping that she’d eventually feel the same love from the other person. But, every single time, she was left with a shattered heart.

So, please, don’t take her love for granted. Don’t do it because you’re afraid of commitment.

You see the fire inside of her and you see what she’s capable of when it comes to love. It takes two to tango, and it takes both sides for love.

 If you don’t intend to open your heart and love her the way it’s supposed to be, don’t string her along. Just don’t do it. Whatever you feel, you tell her like a man. Don’t get her hopes high up in vain.

Appreciate her love because who knows… Tomorrow might never come. Don’t take her for granted because as time goes by, feelings change. And karma will always be there to hit you as hard as you deserved.

She’s here now and she’s really struggling to get past every obstacle, but she might walk away. You keep thinking that she’ll be there until you finally decide to come around, but things don’t work that way.

It will be hard for her, but she might eventually choose to just let go and just leave. For good.

Appreciate her love and don’t take her for granted simply because you need to check “all the fish in the sea”. We sometimes fail to understand the significance of the things in front of us, up until that moment when we lose them.

 The moment we regret every action that resulted in losing them. The moment when it’s already too late.

Don’t take her love for granted because she doesn’t deserve it. She doesn’t deserve being treated this way. Not after everything she’s been through.

She craves for a person who won’t be afraid to wear his heart on the sleeve. She wants to be treated like a partner, lover and a best friend.

She wants a person who’ll be able to embrace her loving nature and someone who’ll love her truly like there’s no tomorrow.

She needs a person who’ll prove to her that nothing is impossible when there’s love. Someone who’ll get out of his way to show her that love actually exists. A special someone who’ll treat her like she’s the most important thing in their life.

And, if you can’t be that person for her, please don’t leave her hanging. Don’t wreck her hopes and dreams. Don’t destroy what’s left of her.

Because she deserves to experience love in the purest way possible. She deserves to be happy.

Stephanie Reeds


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