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Perhaps Right Now Your Life Path Is Not About Love

Perhaps Right Now Your Life Path Is Not About Love

Perhaps right now your path is not about love.

Perhaps it is about finding yourself. Being on your own. Sleeping in the middle of your king-sized bed alone and enjoying it. Finding joy and happiness in the comfort and quietness of your own apartment where you live alone. Perhaps this phrase of your life is to teach you how to take care of yourself and be happy and fulfilled regardless of whether you have someone or not.

Perhaps this is a time for forgiveness and letting go. A time for you to make peace with your heart. A time to look inside yourself and find the gentleness in you that makes this cruel world beautiful again. Maybe this is your time to forgive yourself for every mistake you’ve made. This is the time to make promises with your heart that you will protect it.

 Journey Isn’t About Love

Because perhaps right now your life path is not about love. Perhaps it’s about your dreams. Perhaps it’s about you – to remind yourself of your qualities and your worth. To be your best self. To remind yourself of and enjoy all the beautiful possibilities that are in front of you. Surrounding yourself with friends and family who love you.

Maybe this time it is not about love. Perhaps right now is all about your life and your needs and challenges. Perhaps it is about you being a safe place for yourself. About realizing that all the people who broke your heart and took you for granted were all leading you back to you. And you are amazing. And now is great. And you are shaping up to be the best you can be.

Healing. Accepting. Evolving.

Mary Wright