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People Aren’t Complicated. When Someone Loves You, You’ll Know

People Aren’t Complicated. When Someone Loves You, You’ll Know

We people are not complicated. When a person is in love with you, you won’t have to beg them to do anything for you. You won’t bang your head against a wall trying to decipher their actions. You won’t stay up late wondering where you stand with them.

When someone is in love with you, their actions will be louder than their words.

When someone loves you and wants to be with you, they’ll be with you. Period. You won’t ever have to deal with unnecessary drama and uncertainty over your relationship. You will never have to doubt their love for you because they will show it every day.

A person who is in love with you will open their heart to you. They will include you in their plans. You will meet their friends and family. They will want to show you to the whole world to make sure everyone knows you are with them.

When a person loves you, it is obvious. You won’t ever have to ask them for their attention or why they haven’t replied to your text. They will text you, call you, and shower you with love and attention anytime they get. They will make sure to show you their love for you in every way.

When you are with someone who loves you, you won’t have to justify their rude behavior because they will treat you with love and respect every time.

When someone is in love with you, they will ask you about your day. And not just because they want to make small talk, but because they really want to know. They will listen to you intently. They will be interested in everything you have to say because they love you and they want to know everything about you.

When you are sad or in a bad mood, the person who loves you will do everything to cheer you up. When you struggle with something, they will be there to help you out.

You won’t have to beg a person who loves you to cut contact with their ex. They will do it on their own because they respect you and they don’t want to risk the relationship you two have. A person who loves you won’t see any logic in communicating with a person from their past when they have the person with whom they want to build their future in front of them.

When you are in a relationship with a person who loves you, you will feel like a priority to them. Like you are the most important person in the world for them.

And if you don’t feel this way, then walk away. Because the right person, won’t ever make you doubt their love for you.

If you have to beg someone for a place in their life, then certainly they don’t deserve to be with you. Move on and find someone who does.

Mary Wright