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One Day You Will Regret Losing The Women Who Waited For You To Make Up Your Mind


We’ve all seen those romantic, yet tragic flicks about a woman who gives too many chances and waits for the one she loves to decide what is it that he wants. And the ones who’ve seen it, know exactly how the story goes.

After spending her precious time on a worthless relationship, the woman realizes that she’s been holding onto nothing. She leaves for good, hoping that life has better things in store for her. But, that is the exact moment when the man she loved realizes just how big of a mistake he made. He then goes chasing after her until he finally wins her over again and tells her just how much he loves her. And so, she falls back in love with him and they spend the rest of their lives together.

Ta daam. End of story.

Familiar right? I bet it sounds like an ideal scenario to you.

Well, too bad, because it is a damn fairytale!

Open your eyes! We don’t live in romantic comedies. This life is happening right here and right now. There are real people and real feelings involved. So, you better wake up from your pretty dream right now and realize that not all love stories end up in real Hollywood style.

Especially not the one you have in mind.

You think that if she’s there now, she will wait for you for all eternity. Well, my friend, you are terribly mistaken. The thing is a woman who loves you will give you plenty of chances. She will forgive your mistakes and take you back. A woman who truly cares for you will do that for you and more, not because she’s naïve, but because she believes in what you two have.

Because, in you she sees a man who is ready to change for her, to grow, to become a better version of himself and fight everything in the way to protect his loved one. Because she believes in you.

But, if you somehow manage to blow that chance and disappoint her in any way, be prepared to face your judgment. Because if you fail to fulfill your promises and break this woman’s heart, she will leave. And once she’s done with you, she will be gone for good.

It’s really that simple. If you think that a woman will wait for you to make up your mind and get your shit together, you are wrong. No wait, you are delusional. You can’t keep another person waiting for you until you decide whether you really want them, or you want something else. That is brutally disrespectful and downright selfish!

This woman knows her worth. She respects herself. But, most importantly, she loves purely. So, trust me when I say that she won’t waste another minute on you. She won’t devote all of her life and energy on a person who does not even bother to put minimum effort into the relationship.

That is exactly why you’ll regret losing her. Because one day you will realize that you had a rainbow beside you, but you were colorblind. That day it will be too late for you to change anything, and you will regret making the wrong choice.

You will regret losing a person who had a unique heart and was prepared to love you unconditionally. You will regret taking her for granted. You will regret not recognizing her value and not choosing right when you had the chance. You will see her smiling with another man, and you will regret letting her slip away so easily.

One day you will regret losing the woman who waited for you to make up your mind. Sadly, it will be too late.

Stephanie Reeds