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One Day A Man Who Knows How To Love You Will Walk Into Your Life


One day, everything you’ve ever dreamed of will come true…

The pain in your heart will fade away, your wounds will heal and you will finally be loved. Loved in ways you’ve never been loved, for reasons you’ve never been told by anyone else and more than you think you deserve.

One day, a man who knows exactly how much you’ve suffered will come along and offer you his warm, loving embrace as your shelter. He will not only show you love, but he will commit to you with every part of his soul.

Those sad, lonely nights you used to cry yourself to sleep will no longer be a part of your life because he will be there to hold you in his arms every night and cuddle your head until you fall asleep in his nook.

Those heavy, toxic thoughts that used to suffocate you will no longer exist because your life will finally be filled with light, warmth, and love.  This man will remind you of your worth and prove to you that faith does exist. From the very first moment your eyes met, you’ll know that you’ve always been meant for each other.

Those dreadful mornings you used to spend on your own will become the mornings when you wake up with a smile on your face and make breakfast for two. The sadness in your heart will fade away just like the fog clears up the moment the sun heats up the air. His love will be warm like bright sun rays on a January morning. His embrace will feel like coming home, every single time. But at the same time, it will be the strongest and safest fortress that will guard your heart for all eternity.

Those years you’ve spent wondering if true love really exists will become a distant memory. There will no longer be bad connections, wrong people and mistakes in your life. Those moments of your life will be just a joke that you will laugh at with your friends. You will even wonder how silly you were for believing in those people because this man will give you all. He will answer all of your questions. Hush all of your insecurities. Calm your fears and give you the love that you’ve always deserved.

You will finally clarify your doubts. You will finally know why it never worked with anyone else. You will finally have your dream in your hands. Your forever after. Your happy ending. Your own love story.

One day, a man who knows how to love you will walk into your life.

And from that moment on, you will no longer remember the pain of being heartbroken. His love will heal you and his presence will erase every hardship you’ve ever been through.

Wait for him.

Stephanie Reeds