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Once You Break Her Heart, She’ll Never Be The Same Again

Once You Break Her Heart, She’ll Never Be The Same Again

Regardless of how strong we consider ourselves to be, heartbreak is something that greatly affects us.

Heartbreaks change our perspective on love and life. They destroy our expectations. They make us doubt everyone and everything around us. They make us feel afraid to open up to others. They make us tightly guard our hearts. They make us isolate ourselves from the world. They wreck our hopes.

Yes, I know this is sad. But, it is the truth. The ugly harsh truth.

And once someone has broken our hearts, we can’t help but think, talk, and behave differently. We try to make ourselves appear insensitive and heartless. And undoubtedly, we start doing certain things unknowingly – things which make us different from others.

Here are 8 things that women who have been hurt too many times do unconsciously:

1. They doubt everyone and everything.

When your kindness has been taken advantage of too many times and when your trust has been abused time and time again, it’s hard to trust someone again. It is difficult to believe someone’s sweet words, compliments, promises, and actions.

That’s the reason why these women don’t want to allow anyone to get too close to them. The last thing they want is to end up betrayed and hurt again.

2. They don’t believe in love.

There was a time when they believed in true, pure, once-in-a-lifetime kind of love. But, what their high expectations and enthusiasm brought them was only sadness, disappointment, bitterness, and anger. Their hearts have been broken too many times to actually believe that true love exists.

3. They flirt a lot.

They’ve had their hearts broken into tiny pieces time and time again and this has made them stop searching for true love. It’s made them realize that the best way to protect themselves from getting manipulated and betrayed again is to not take anything seriously.

So, no more genuine, deep feelings. No more long-term relationships. No more commitment. Only casual, superficial flirt.

4. They’ve learned that sadness is an inseparable part of life.

No matter how much others encourage them to look on the bright side of life and move forward, they’ve accepted sadness as a way of life. Sadness is something they’ve had to deal with too many times. And they can’t help but think that regardless of what they do, their sorrow and regrets will haunt them forever.

5. They laugh at romance.

A woman whose heart has been stomped on too many times will eventually stop hoping that she’ll find true love. If a man tries to approach her with some romantic, clichéd line, she’ll most likely laugh at him and show him that she isn’t interested in him in the most impolite way ever.

Hollywood romantic movies, sunsets, candles, roses, and pink hearts have no longer meaning for her – they’re just a funny and clichéd portrayal of love.

6. They tolerate toxic people.

Because there’s no one and nothing that can surprise them. Because they don’t care anymore. They’ve been through hell and back and they’ve experienced the worst heartbreaks. They don’t expect others to show genuine interest in them or to be completely honest with them anymore.

But, no! They don’t put up with manipulative and selfish people because they lack self-respect or because they’re naïve. They do this because they know how to handle this kind of people. And they know how to use them to have some fun.

7. They think that every guy out there only wants to use them.

When they meet a new guy and he is really kind to them, the first thought that pops into their head is: “He just wants to jump into bed with me.” That’s the reason why they don’t even begin a relationship.

8. They secretly hope that things will change.

Although their painful past has turned their hearts into stone and made them prisoners of their fears and insecurities, they do hope that things will get better.

They hope that there is someone out there waiting for them. Someone who will love them the way they deserve. Someone who will show them that love doesn’t always have to be hard and painful.

Because, after all, they’re just human beings that crave attention, affection, and genuine, selfless, unconditional love.

Riley Cooper