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Once A Woman Has Had Enough, She’ll Leave Her Partner For Good

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Once a woman has had enough of her partner, she won’t think twice about leaving the relationship. Because every smart, confident, and self-respecting woman knows how she deserves to be treated in a romantic relationship. She knows what qualities her partner needs to possess.

She also knows that there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. She knows that every relationship has its ups and downs and that every couple has arguments and disagreements in their relationship. But, she also knows when enough is enough. She knows when it’s time for her to walk away and move on with her life.

Here are 7 reasons why women may walk away from a relationship:

1. They can’t communicate openly with their partners.

Good and open communication is a key ingredient in a healthy, happy, and fulfilling relationship. Having good communication in your relationship is a sign that you and your partner are interested in each other’s feelings, needs, opinions, wishes, and problems. It’s a sign that you want to make each other feel heard, understood, and validated in the relationship.

So, when a woman doesn’t feel this way in her relationship, she sees this as a red flag. She knows it’s time for her to walk away for good.

2. They aren’t able to connect emotionally with the person they’re with.

Being able to connect emotionally is a prerequisite for sustaining a happy and long-lasting relationship.

So, if a woman notices that her partner doesn’t listen to her when she talks, that they don’t show interest in what’s happening in her world, or that they don’t notice when she’s upset or happy or if they’re never there when she needs them the most, she won’t think twice about leaving them. Because she knows that if she can’t connect emotionally with her partner, then there’s no point in staying in a relationship with them.

3. They feel bored.

Although many people aren’t aware of it, relationship comfort and security don’t always make both partners happy. When a woman knows so many things about her partner that she can predict their every feeling, thought, and reaction, she may lose the thrill of discovery.

4. Their partners have lost interest in physical intimacy.

Physical intimacy, which can be as simple as touching your partner’s arm as you walk past or cuddling with them while you watch TV together on the couch, is what holds a relationship together.

Physical intimacy communicates passion and desire. But, it also communicates love and trust. And it’s simply another way to let the person you love know they’re important to you.

So, if a woman notices that her partner has lost interest in physical intimacy, she’ll know they’ve lost interest in them too.

5. They’re treated like a second option.

Every smart, confident, and self-respecting woman wants to be treated with kindness, compassion, and dignity in a relationship. She wants to know that she’s at the top of her partner’s priority list. She wants to know that her partner genuinely loves her and cares about her. She wants to know that she means the world to her significant other.

So, if a woman notices that her partner chooses her company only if they don’t have other “more important” things to do, or if they always make her feel like she has to beg for their attention and love, she won’t think twice about breaking off the relationship.

6. They don’t feel attractive anymore.

Who doesn’t want to feel attractive and desirable?

Well, every woman wants spontaneity. She wants her partner to shower her with compliments. Whether they’ve been together for four months or four years, she wants to know that her partner still finds her beautiful, sexy, and irresistible.

So, if she doesn’t feel attractive and if she doesn’t feel desired by her partner, she’ll know it’s time to move on.

7. They keep having the same fights with their partners.

When you and your partner have had the same argument over the same problems for years, mutual resentment grows.

When a woman thinks that her needs are unmet and when she feels like she’s unable to impact change, she starts to look for a way out since staying with her partner isn’t an option anymore.

Riley Cooper