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Not Everyone Is Destined To End Up With The Love Of Their Life And That’s Fine

loves of our live

Genuine love, you know – the one that is pure, deep, and unconditional and that lasts forever, does exist. As a matter of fact, couples who enjoy this kind of love can be commonly found around us.

But, regardless of how much I believe in true love, the truth is that not everyone is destined to end up with the love of their life. Not everyone is meant to get married to and grow old with the love of their life. And that’s fine.

Indeed, you don’t always get to end up with the love of your life since, in the real world, love is not all you need to conquer every challenge, temptation, and trial that life may throw your way. Love does not have the power to settle differences, fight off illness, overcome every obstacle, or even protect us from ourselves when we’re too hard on ourselves.

You don’t always get to end up with the love of your life since sometimes love isn’t all that you want. Sometimes your career matters more to you than love. Sometimes you want to venture into the unknown and explore the world around you. Sometimes you want to pursue your goals and dreams and you believe that love may prevent you from doing that.

Sometimes love is not at the top of your priority list.

And sometimes the most caring, selfless, and loving thing you can possibly do is to let go of the love of your life.

loves of our live

What you should always keep in mind is that not ending up with the love of your life doesn’t mean you’re not meant to love and be loved. It doesn’t mean you’re unimportant. It just means that you and your partner weren’t meant for each other. You weren’t destined to end up together.

It means that you still need to learn many things about love and how serious and happy relationships work.

It means you still need to learn new things about yourself, how you’re supposed to treat your partner, and how you deserve to be treated in a relationship.

It means you haven’t learned how to deal with true love yet.

And when you’re ready for it, when you’ve finally learned how to cope with true love, it’ll find you.

True love will enter your life when you’re ready to receive it. And it’ll be your greatest blessing.

Riley Cooper