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No Matter How Much I Love Someone I Will Never Give Up On Myself


I am happy on my own. I enjoy living my life, doing my own thing, and I don’t want to lose that feeling because of something or someone. I refuse to lose my happiness because someone has given up on me and decided to break up with me.

That’s their decision and I’ll respect it because I respect myself more to let someone else’s opinions define me and disturb my peace and happiness.

My heart is full of love and joy even when it’s not connected to another heart.

I am self-sufficient, and I will never depend on anyone or anything to fulfill an empty space in me or reignite the passion and joy in my life because I am already fulfilled and happy on my own.

I see the world through my rose-tinted glasses and I will always choose to look at the beautiful things that all around us instead of focusing on the things that will only make me sad and I haven’t got power to change them.

And if I lose someone I love, I’ll do anything to keep my life balanced and stop it from falling apart. I know that I’ll feel sad, but I also want to know that I’ll be okay because I will always have myself to count on.

I want to be in love, but not at all costs. Not if I have to sacrifice my own happiness.

You see, I want to BE LOVE. I want to be so full of love that no matter what happens I can always bounce back and not sink into loneliness and depression if someone breaks my heart.

That no matter how someone else feels about me won’t change my essence. It won’t change who I am.

I want to be with someone who will just add more color to my already colorful life.

I want a partner who can understand this. I want someone with whom I will have a burning passion and warm support. Someone who will make me even more happy than I already am. Someone who will add value to my life.

Someone who will love me for who I am.

Someone with whom I can build a life of pure love, trust, peace, and happiness.

Mary Wright