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No Love Is Ever Given In Vain: One Way Or Another, It Always Comes Back To You

One Day It Will Come Back To You love

People who’ve been through terrible loses and heartbreaks often say that they regret wasting their precious years on those relationships. They believe that the love they’ve given to people who never bothered to give something in return is love wasted in vain.

I’ve been through many disappointments as well, I’ve had my share of heartbreaks, I’ve been deceived, manipulated and lied many times… but I could never say that I’ve ever loved in vain. I could never agree with this opinion.

Do you know why? Because it is my belief that everything, we go through happens for a certain reason.

Here’s the truth.

No love is ever given in vain. No effort is ever made for nothing.

There is a reason for every tear and every heartache. Time will certainly tell. You just need to be patient enough.

I genuinely believe that all of your nights you spent alone in bed, wondering how much more you can take before giving up will eventually be replaced by endless hours of heartfelt and honest conversations with a person who wants to be there for you. And when that happens, it won’t feel like you are annoying them. It won’t feel like you are only talking to yourself. You will fall asleep relieved knowing that there is someone who truly cares for you.

I genuinely believe that all of your unanswered calls and ignored messages will eventually transform into sweet words and loving gestures that will find their way back to you through the love of another person. In a way that won’t leave you confused or frustrated. In a way that won’t make you question their actions, but rather be certain of them.

I genuinely believe that all of those years that you’ve spent misunderstood, alone, miserable and unwanted will eventually be erased by someone’s love for you. Someone who knows your worth. Someone who cares about your feelings. Someone who is ready and willing to do everything to make you the happiest human being alive. Someone who will love you for exactly who you are, without trying to change you. Someone who will encourage you to fly.

I genuinely believe that all of those precious tears that you wasted on people who were wrong for you and broke your heart will eventually dry out and be replaced by a big, bright smile on your face. Caused by a kind of love that will change your life forever. Love that will bring your soul comfort. Love that will soothe your wounded heart. Love that will promise you a warm shelter. Love that will exceed your expectations. Love that won’t make you wonder whether it’s one-sided. Love that will make you believe.

Don’t despair. Don’t regret. But most importantly, don’t give up.

No love is ever given in vain. One day everything you’ve given will come back to you.

Stephanie Reeds