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Never Make Your Kids Feel Like They Owe You Something For Being Born


Yes, you’re the one that brought your children into this world. You’re the one that cares for them and makes sure they grow into healthy, independent, confident individuals. And yes, you’re the one who sacrifices a lot for their happiness.

But, that doesn’t mean your children owe you something for all that. That doesn’t mean they are your property.

Yes, I know that being a parent is not easy. It’s a challenge that requires making many sacrifices and compromises. It’s a challenge that requires you to invest huge amounts of time and energy in raising your kids and helping them grow into mature, responsible, happy individuals.

Yes, parenting isn’t easy at all, but instead of being hard on your little loved ones, you should do everything in your power to make their lives better.

Because your main responsibility as a parent is to give your children the love, respect, and support they need. It’s your responsibility to make sure they’re always safe and protected. It’s your responsibility to ensure they maintain their physical and mental health.

It’s your responsibility to help your children grow into mature, happy individuals. Individuals that know how to take care of themselves. Individuals that understand the importance of self-love and self-care. Individuals that aren’t afraid to express their opinions as well as feelings in front of others and stand up for themselves. Individuals that understand what truly matters in life and what doesn’t.

So, when you are frustrated or when you get mad at your children for something, don’t yell at them. Don’t insult them. Instead, try to calm down and give them space. And once you calm down, try to talk things out and explain to them what behaviors you will and won’t tolerate.

You see, one of the most difficult things about parenting is creating and maintaining a balance between being a patient, loving, and fun parent and being a tough one.

Because being a tough, strict parent doesn’t mean you should expect your children to always meet your needs and do everything you ask of them. It doesn’t mean that you should expect them to prioritize your feelings, needs, desires, and happiness over their own. It doesn’t mean they should beg for your love and respect. It doesn’t mean you should make them feel like they owe you something for being born.

So, if you want your children to grow properly, be happy, and flourish personally in all areas of life, make sure you always treat them with kindness and compassion. Make sure they know they can always count on you to help them when going through a rough time. Make sure they know that they’re allowed to make mistakes, but that they should always take responsibility for their actions too.

Don’t interfere with your children’s decisions too – allow them to make their own choices instead. And most importantly, never try to make them become a version of yourself or force them to like the same things you like or live the life you always wanted to live, but didn’t for whatever reason.

What you need to do is just love them and always be aware of the fact that they’re individuals with minds of their own.

Riley Cooper