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Narcissists Never Admit To Their Mistakes, They Only Attack


Narcissists. They never accept responsibility. They never acknowledge their wrongdoings. Never own up to their mistakes. Never face the consequences of their harmful actions. More importantly, they never apologize for their mistakes.

Which only leads us to one obvious conclusion. When it comes to the worst people to have a conflict with, narcissists are the worst of the worst. You don’t want to trigger their anger. And believe me, you don’t want to see their dark sides.

Honesty, accountability, integrity, courage, kindness, loyalty, generosity, vulnerability…

You won’t see these traits in a narcissist. Don’t ever expect them to be truthful, to open up, to be brave enough to admit their mistakes, to be compassionate, to give without expecting anything back, to have your back and love you unconditionally.

Narcissists are incapable of empathy. They are incapable of thinking and caring about anyone else but themselves. They’ve been raised to believe that love only makes people weak and stupid and forces them to make rash decisions. They’ve been raised to believe that you don’t need to be kind to people to get what you want. That as long as you are clever and resourceful you can have anything that you put your mind to. In other words, they’ve been raised without love…

All of their toxic traits are a result of many years of long neglect and emotional abuse. These people have been hurt badly and they’ve gotten used to that life. They’ve grown up thinking that love does not exist and therefore not worth fighting for. These people have let pain take control of their lives and transform them into cruel, heartless, and two-timing individuals. People without any conscience at all. People who cannot see between right or wrong. People who wouldn’t think twice before hurting others for their own sake…

So, no… A narcissist will never say I am truly sorry, It’s my fault and I will do anything I can to make things right. You will never see them begging for your forgiveness. Nor feeling guilty for something they’ve clearly done. Instead, they will take the easier way out of the chaos they’ve put themselves in and blame you.

They will provoke you and then use your natural, expected response to their provocation to blame it all on you. They will blame you for overreacting, for driving them mad, for letting them hurt you, for anything else that you cannot even imagine. They will attack you when you least expect it and aim for your insecurities. They will push you around until you lose all sense of self.

And then when you finally give in completely, you will admit that you are indeed responsible for all of those things, proving them once again that no matter what they do, they will always be invincible…

So, beware of people who manipulate. Beware of heartless individuals who make your heart beat fast. Beware of the sweet talkers and fake people. They Beware of people who would consciously hurt you and look the other way as if nothing happened. Beware of people stab you and then tell the whole world that they are the ones bleeding. Beware of narcissists. 

Stephanie Reeds