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Narcissists Lie Because They Don’t Want Others To See Them As Villains


If you have been involved with a narcissist, then you know what these horrible manipulators can do to another human being.

They lack empathy and compassion. They only care about themselves, their own wellbeing, and fulfilling their selfish needs. They are toxic to anyone that comes near them, especially to those who are involved in a relationship with them.

Narcissists see other people as ‘objects.’ They see them as pawns and use them for their own purposes. Narcissists always take advantage of other people. They use various manipulative techniques that work like charm for them and almost always get what they want.

They are extremely arrogant and hurtful, especially someone confronts them and calls them out on their bullshit. They take any form of an attack personally and tend to get enraged and lose control. The narcissist will tell their victim that they are the one who’s at fault and convince them that they are the most horrible person in the world.

The narcissist’s constant need for praise and attention makes them create their false self and design their world of illusions. The narcissist constantly lies to themselves and to everyone else. Moreover, the lies have become their reality and they believe in it. So, the narcissist forever lives in their world of lies, never changing, always craving for adulation and admiration from others.

So, they present themselves as charismatic, caring and emotional human beings. Other people usually can’t see behind their mask until they are deeply involved in the connection with them. Sadly, then it is too late. The cycle of abuse has begun, and the victim appears as if they can’t and don’t want to stop the abuse and leave the narcissist.

Whenever the victim decides to speak up the narcissist will always manipulate them to the degree of making them believe that they are the ones in the wrong because they are “crazy” and “overly emotional.”

This vicious cycle can last for months, years, even decades and ruin the life of the victim.

If you are a survivor of the narcissist’s evil share your story with us and help us raise awareness on this subject. Because narcissists are among us, they walk freely, and we need to protect ourselves. 

Mary Wright