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My Anxiety Is Making Me Feel Like I Don’t Have Any Friends


My anxiety makes me look like I don’t care about people that are important to me because I am scared that I come on too strong. I don’t like them to think I am weird or anything, that’s why I don’t compliment them. Also, I almost never invite them out because I am terrified of being turned down.

In my opinion, it is better for me to stay silent and let them think that I don’t care instead of allowing them to see how much I do care.

My anxiety tells me that I shouldn’t text anyone because I would probably bother them, and they’ll feel like they are obligated to reply to my text. I mean, after all, if they really wanted to talk to me, they would have messaged me, right?

They are not reaching out to me, therefore there must be something wrong with me and they don’t want me to be their friend.

My anxiety makes me feel like I don’t belong. Like I don’t fit in. Like my friends are having the best time when I am not around. And that is killing me. That’s why I tend to cancel dates and plans at the last moment. Because I feel as they are secretly hoping for that.

My anxiety makes me not want to leave my house. It tells me that I am safe at home and that if I go to a restaurant or another public place, there will be people there who will judge me and talk negatively about me behind my back.

My anxiety is stopping me from flirting and getting to know someone because it makes my brain overthink until I feel utterly exhausted. Therefore, instead of having a great and fun time, I end up feeling stressed out.

Plus, I hate having to talk to someone over the phone and the mere idea of them calling me ignites my anxiety and my heart starts beating fast. I also hate when I am waiting for someone to reply to my text because during that time my mind starts wondering whether I said something stupid.

Every time I want to do something new and simple as adding someone on Facebook, I get anxious. I get nervous and stressed out to the point of getting terrified to have a conversation with someone.

My anxiety makes me feel unworthy of anything.

It makes me feel like I don’t have any friends, and everyone thinks I am weird.

Anxiety makes me feel alone in a very crowded world and having no one to turn to for help and advice.  

I know that’s not true but I can’t help this feeling.

Mary Wright