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Mum Gives Her Shopping Bags A Bubble Bath As A Precaution Against Coronavirus

coronavirus panic

The novel Coronavirus outbreak has made things crazy and terrifying the way they’ve never been before. It has changed our lives completely. It has changed our habits, our daily routines, our viewpoints, our priorities.

Right now, each and every single one of us is doing everything to protect themselves.

We’ve all seen the photos. And we’ve all seen our fellow neighbors in the markets and the streets.

Due to a protective equipment shortage worldwide, people are now officially getting more and more creative and well… You can’t judge them for being scared.

Some are wearing plastic boxes on their heads, some are letting their imagination go wild and using their underwear as masks and then, there are those who are obsessed with cleaning their products as thoroughly as they can. And when I say thoroughly, I mean next level thoroughly.

Yes, you’ve read it right.

In fact, just a few days ago a woman named Evie Lancaster went viral after she posted a photo of her mother’s extra cautious method for cleaning her groceries.

Evie Lancaster

BELIEVE it or not, she took her Tesco delivery and gave it a big, nice bubble bath.

And, Evie’s post hit 30k in just a few hours.

And that’s not all. In response, other people all over the world also revealed their weird, unusual methods of coping with coronavirus pandemic, some of which included ironing their money and wiping their food with alcohol.

Evie Lancaster

ironing money

Evie Lancaster

However, there were also those who warned people that bathing your food in soap might not be the best idea since ingesting soap could also lead to poisoning.

Evie Lancaster

Nevertheless, considering the fact that scientists revealed that coronavirus can survive on different surfaces up to a few days, this story also made people more aware of the potential threat that supermarket products pose to our health nowadays.

So, I guess, better safe than sorry, right?

Evie Lancaster

Stephanie Reeds