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Moving On Doesn’t Always Mean Finding New Love

Moving On Doesn’t Always Mean Finding New Love

Breakups are never easy. Because breaking off a relationship with someone who meant the world to you is a difficult and painful thing.

We have all felt the bitter taste of saying goodbye to the person we loved dearly. We have all felt the pain of being taken for granted and neglected. We have all had to see our hearts broken into countless tiny pieces by someone who promised to always love us and protect us.

We have all bared our souls in front of someone that wasn’t willing to do the same for us.  We have all had to leave certain people for our sake. And undoubtedly, we have all felt too drained and weak to move on.

Finding the strength and courage to move on after a breakup is a difficult task. But, the truth is that moving on isn’t about beginning a new relationship right away after your breakup. It isn’t about finding a new partner.

I know that these are easier ways to overcome the pain, but they aren’t something that will eventually help you feel whole and complete and heal your emotional wounds.

From my point of view, moving on is about letting go of everything that caused you pain. It’s about letting the sunshine enter your world after a long period of darkness, storms, and hurricanes. It’s about finding yourself. It’s about taking your life back.

You see, the real measure of moving on is not whether or not you’ve found a new partner – it is whether or not you’ve begun healing your wounds, working on yourself, overcoming your insecurities, looking after your health, and pursuing your goals and passions without wondering what your ex-partner is doing and whether they’ve already found someone new.

Moving on means understanding that your relationship status doesn’t define your happiness. It means understanding that being single for a while is totally okay.

Moving on after a breakup does not mean being committed to someone new. It means entering the phase of your life in which you’re solely committed to yourself.

Moving on means changing your perspective on life, love, and romantic relationships. It means experiencing new things. It means rising to new challenges without pausing to take care of someone else’s needs and problems.

Moving on means building an independent life in which you’re the only one responsible for your happiness. It means building a life in which you don’t focus on your ex and dream about winning them back.

Riley Cooper