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Mother Decides To Give Birth To Seriously Ill Baby So That Its Organs Will Be Donated To Babies In Need


There is no greater pain than hearing that the baby you are carrying inside your womb is going to die and there isn’t anything you can do to save it.

Krysta Davis’s heart was broken beyond repair when she heard the devastating news from the doctors that her baby had anencephaly (a severe illness which doesn’t allow the newborn baby to live more than few days outside of the womb).

The hurt mom had two choices and she chose to continue her pregnancy so that she could have more time with her baby and then donate its organs.

She birthed a beautiful baby girl and she spent a few days with her. Krysta revealed that the idea of her daughter living in another body was her only condolence. Plus, she wanted to give other mothers the chance to see their babies and hold them in their arms.

“I knew I had to be happy throughout the entire pregnancy for her, there was no point putting myself on her through that when we had such limited time together.

It was amazing feeling her kick, I didn’t know if she would move around at all but we found out, as she moved a lot.

As we got further along into the pregnancy she moved more and more, I could watch her little feet move across my belly.

I had nine months to carry her and fall in love but it was nothing compared to holding her and seeing her, I couldn’t see anything wrong with her when she was born, I was in love. It was really hard as we never knew how much time we were going to have with her.

After she passed the surgeon came in and told us he had not met a family like us in 12 years. It felt wonderful knowing that because of her two other kids get to go home, that touched us the most. Every time I look at the reminders of her, I treasure the moments. I still get a couple of tears coming down, they are perfect moments.

As hard as it is to give away those organs as it is your child, it makes a huge difference to others’ lives who wouldn’t have a second chance,” the mom said.

(Picture: Clarissa Tilley/Caters)

And while this was one of the hardest things for anyone to experience, this couple saved lives through peacefully expecting the death of their little one. And even though their baby girl was born missing half her brain, to her parents she was perfect.

She will continue to live forever even though her time on earth lasted only a few days. Her name was Rylei and her heart valves saved two other babies.

This amazing little girl and her parents are proof that there are still good people out there. 

(Picture: Clarissa Tilley/Caters)

Mary Wright