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Modern Society Has Forgotten The Importance Of Physical Touch


How often do you hug your loved ones? When was the last time that you touched someone in your family or a close friend? Sadly, for most people, the answer to both those questions would show how little physical affection they give. Likewise, they receive very little too.

That’s because we’re currently in a crisis – a crisis of touch. Modern society has forgotten the importance of physical touch and it’s becoming a huge issue.

We’ve Changed Our Ways

The world is changing at a rapid pace. In fact, things are transforming so quickly that many of us are finding it hard to keep up. One of the many ways that this is happening is through the ways that we interact with one another.

You see, it used to be normal to pat people on the shoulders or back, to hug your family, and to be close to your friends. As well as that, people would do those things without really giving it much thought. Now, however, we’ve stopped.

It’s become unusual to have any sort of physical touch with the people around you. Sure you may hug your friend that you haven’t seen in a while or be close with your significant other, but that’s where it ends.

We’re Afraid

Recently, people have started to view touch as something negative. We see it as being strange, disrespectful of boundaries, or deviant. Worse still, we can even become afraid of people who try to come near us.

We, as a society, have demonized physical touch.

Now, teachers in schools don’t want to go near their pupils. There have even been cases of these young students putting on their own Band-Aids after they fall in the yard because their teachers are scared to touch them.

Similarly, doctors are afraid to touch their patients for fear of being called predators. Even foster parents don’t want to touch the children in their care because they fear legal repercussions.

So many areas are being affected and so many people are suffering because of this crisis. People are suffering because of something that we could easily change. It’s complete and utter madness.

We Need Physical Touch

Study after study has shown that physical touch from others is essential to our wellbeing. It improves our mental health, decreases stress, and helps us to feel loved. As well as that, some experts even believe that it can aid our physical health by lowering blood pressure.

In addition to our wellbeing, it’s also an important part of our social interactions. Acts of physical touch between people, no matter how small, create a bond between them. Likewise, it also makes people feel accepted and alleviates loneliness.

It’s no wonder then why “cuddle cafes” are gaining popularity around the world. People need to resort to paying professional cuddlers just to get the touch that they need to feel well. They’re paying for something that they should be receiving from both family and friends for free.

Our current situation is a crisis. People have chosen to believe that physical touch is evil and something to be feared. Now, they’re spreading that belief to the next generations. If we don’t do something about this quickly, people will continue to suffer.

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Eva Jackson