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Losing Weight Before the Honeymoon


In the lead-up to your magic day, you have probably been on some form of diet or attending a weight loss class. The dream outfit you have been waiting to put on needs to fit you perfectly, so essentially what you need to do is make sure you keep off the weight you have already lost before the wedding.

Weddings are stressful and emotional times with almost every job on the list belonging to one of you more than the other. It isn’t always a shock that the lead-up to your magic day might not seem quite so magical.

What are the reasons for losing weight for your honeymoon?

You may be looking at yourself in the last outfit size fitting thinking It is unbelievable how much weight you have lost. Mainly for brides, some of this weight loss is not all through being careful. Getting married may be the most important day of your life. Knowing that every single pair of beady eyes will be upon you as you walk down the aisle.

Men are just as concerned as a woman when it comes down to looking great for their big day. This includes the honeymoon which is just one part of how to have a happy marriage. There are many tips for losing weight, avoiding alcohol is one due to its high-calorie rate.

Why honeymooners want to look hot

With so many quirky gimmicks that are involved in your wedding ranging from the hen/stag dos to the honeymoon, you are given many things that you will want to be photographed with or in.

Many females want to show off that they now have the man bagged, It is done and dusted to all the rest of you ladies out there.

What is the best way to show this off? Matching swimwear of course, what comes with the matching swimwear is normally panic and then a diet.

As many people have already lost weight leading up to their wedding it isn’t about losing more weight most of the time. It is about maintaining the weight you are now at before setting out on your very important honeymoon.

Normally, a honeymoon is a place that is somewhere exotic or new to you. It’s a special time between a couple with no onlookers other than strangers. It’s not that surprising that you want to look hot for each other. This is the time when you will reflect on why you fell in love and were attracted to each other when you first met.

Keeping off the weight before your honeymoon

To make sure you don’t gain any weight before your honeymoon or to be able to lose the weight you have put on there are a few simple rules.

  • Do not overeat now while this may seem like the obvious thing to say, many people will get the big day out of the way and go back to old eating habits.
  • Some tips for keeping the weight off are to keep snacking healthy, instead of reaching for the crisps grab a piece of fruit instead.
  • Cut out fizzy drinks and sweets, fizzy drinks may make you feel full but they contain a lot of sugar and will make you crave them more.
  • Avoid alcohol that contains a lot of sugar.
  • Keep busy, while leading up to your wedding you will have been moving a lot more. Now that that is over don’t use it as an excuse to be inactive. You still have the honeymoon that you want to look stunning for so keep moving.
  • Do not stop your exercise classes
  • Don’t become lazy because you have already worn your big day outfit

Losing weight will lead to you feeling good and improving your health

There are things that you can do to make sure you keep off the weight you have lost or equally find the best ways to lose weight before your trip to look extra hot for your partner. The weight you may have lost leading up to your big day may have been important for you, to get into the outfit you had carefully selected or because you were aware of how many people would be looking.

It is equally important to lose weight for your honeymoon to show your new husband or wife exactly how hot you are as a couple. Showing each other that you are at your best will benefit you both. You will be irresistible to each other leading to you both touching each other more. In turn that will result in a more intimate honeymoon.

Once you have worked so hard in getting to the weight you desired to be, this will make you want to keep it off for a few reasons not only will you feel good and look good your health will be better. Better health is the best way to start a married life surely with you being at your best.


Losing weight for your honeymoon should be just as important to you as losing weight for your wedding. You will be venturing out doing things you maybe wouldn’t in your everyday life. Looking good for each other is one step to knowing how to have a happily married life. What could be a better way to begin looking great than on your honeymoon. It will give you both confidence as a couple. Start as you mean to continue.

David Smith