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What It Feels Like To Love Someone Who Constantly Overthinks


The paradox of the brain. While it is something we can’t exist without, it is also our greatest enemy.

Overthinking can destroy a person’s mind. It has the power to make you imagine things that might not be there, and at times, to make you question your own sanity.

It’s the feeling of losing control over your thoughts and falling deep into the rabbit hole of your worst possible nightmares.

So, if you love someone who overthinks, you need to be aware that you love a person who is a victim of their mind.

You are loving someone who sometimes might not be able to help themselves. Someone who might not always have a full control over their train of thought.

A person who overthinks will always have doubts. A person who overthinks is most likely to have a negative experience behind them which have made them behave this way.

 An overthinker is usually produced by an agonizing trauma in the past.

 So, please be kind to them.

They might have survived a dangerous thunderstorm. And the only thing they need now is someone who’ll be willing to let it all out in the open. No lies, games, no shenanigans. Only the good, old-fashioned truth.

When you love a person who overthinks, you have to be their pillar of strength. You need to be the person they can’t be, their shoulder to cry on. You have to be their greatest support.

I know that it’ll eventually get over exhausting for you, but sometimes you’ll have to overshare. There will be hard times when they won’t be able to help their perplexing thoughts and see clearly.

There will be times when you’ll have to tell them that you’re there for them and really show up and do it. Taking action about the things you’ve said, instead of filling their heads with meaningless words.

No matter how hard you try you’ll never fully understand the human’s mind. Let alone trust it.

It’s the most dangerous death-trap and what’s even more frightening, it is a trap which can only be removed by ourselves.

So, if you love a person who is cursed to overthink constantly, you need to be more compassionate. I know it’s frustrating and painful as hell for you as it is for them, but the last thing they need is your anger.

Please try to understand when they flood you with thousands of question marks about the things that make them feel doubtful. Try to understand them, because the fear inside their veins is spreading faster than you think.

The experiences they went through programmed their brains to process information the harder way.

People say that what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. But, I can’t help but agree with the other version.

 I think that what doesn’t destroy us, messes us up mentally and it definitely comes to haunt us at night.

So, if you have a person by your side who can’t help but overthink, show them your purest empathy. Show them that you’ll always be there for them and you’ll never judge even the craziest thought that goes through their mind.

Show them that you are ready to communicate. And not just replying with meaningless yes and no answers, but rather talking and saying the things you feel instead of hiding them.

They’ll, unfortunately, try to find the meaning of every word you mention, so try to be patient.

Be prepared to calm them and prevent them from falling down that scary rabbit hole, because they’ll need someone who can be strong enough to pull them out.

Loving an overthinker can be hard work. But, after all, isn’t that what every relationship is made of? A mutual care and understanding of each other’s unique madness.

The strong willingness to accept their tiny flaws because you love them more than words can describe.

Stephanie Reeds


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