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Let Go Of Anyone Who Wasn’t There For You When You Needed Them


If you are anything like me, you are terrible at saying goodbye and closing the door forever to someone. Because if you are like me, you get attached very quickly and you form deep bonds with people that are almost impossible to break.

Plus, most of you won’t get a chance to say goodbye to someone’s face and literally close the door behind a fading friendship, a distanced relative, or a failed relationship.

But, the truth is, that if you hold on and wait for that ‘literal’ goodbye and the slamming of the door – you may wait forever. Best is to know how to detach yourself and free your mind from any stress and toxicity. That’s how you grow and transform your life in the best way possible.

Yes, it is hard. I know. I’ve been there. I had to say goodbye and let go of many special people in my life. You see, I am one of those fragile souls who wear their heart on their sleeve and fall in love with everyone who shows them kindness and love.

If you are in my life, I’ll give my everything for the sake of our friendship or relationship, whatever the case might be. That’s how I am. Unfortunately, people who I thought will always be there for me have disappointed me when I least expected it.

That’s how life is. Sometimes it’s all roses and butterflies and other times it hits you hard in the stomach and you can’t breathe. When your heart is broken the best thing to do is to deal with it.

Not in the sense of ‘manning up’ or ‘getting over it’ but in the sense of accepting it and moving on.

Be angry. Be hurt. Cry your heart out. But understand that your mind, your body, your soul, and your heart needed to let go of that person who was not good for you.

You can still miss the person. You can still miss their presence and their way of showing you love and being there for you when no one was. You can still miss their laughter and your deep conversations.

Allow yourself to miss them, but don’t give yourself a permission to go back just because you miss them. The pain that you feel from not having them in your life is not a sign that they were the right person for you.

Regardless of the situation, if at any moment you decided you were not happy with them, and that they were toxic to your well-being – it was a right decision.

So, say goodbye and let go of anyone who hurt you, who made you doubt yourself, who took you for granted, who made you feel worthless, who wasn’t there for you when you needed them the most.

And this is not about pretending and telling yourself that they are a bad person. It is about sitting through the pain, feeling the tears flowing down your face, and hearing your hopes crushing, but knowing that once the hurt passes – someone even better will come and lighten your life.

That’s how the Universe does its magic. It never takes anything from us without having something better in store for us.

So, close the door.

Let go of them.

Move on.

And prepare for something better.

Mary Wright