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It’s Time To Overcome Your Fears And Stop Them From Controling You

It’s Time To Overcome Your Fears And Stop Them From Controling You

Fear ruins our lives and stifles our potential. We hide behind our fears, often forgetting that what we want and what we need lies on the other side of fear.

So, how do we fight something which is seemingly more powerful than us? Here are a few useful ways you should consider:

1. Name what scares you.

Name what scares you. Utter the words out loud. Write them down on a piece of paper and then tear it. Make your fears real and palpable by setting them free and by facing them.

The first step is recognition. By ignoring your fears, you only make them stronger. By facing them, you see just how small they are – as small as your shadow in the darkness. The minute you start chasing it, it goes away.   

2. Embrace what scares you.

Fear spurs you into action, so when you think about it, fear is good for you on some level. It prevents you from becoming idle in life. It motivates you to keep going and to take action.

You just need to prevent fear from controlling your actions because, ultimately, it has to be you that directs your life.

3. Plan, prepare, and practice.

Mental visualization of success is really useful. Over-preparing and practicing come in handy too. Whether you have a meeting,  a presentation, a date, or some public speaking to do, these things help enormously. You have to plan and prepare what exactly you are going to say and do.

Useful preparation and practice require readiness to handle the downside of things too. Try to predict some of the worst-case scenarios, get ready for them, and find a way of handling the situation even if everything goes down. It’s all in your mind – how you react to things and how you handle failures, so mental preparation is extremely powerful when facing potential negative outcomes.

4. Make use of your friends.

Are you afraid of heights or snakes or balloons? Overcoming your fears can be unthinkable, but have you ever thought of overcoming your fears together with someone else?

Your friends can do it together with you – they can help you overcome a silly fear. They can push you to do that thing you’ve always been afraid to do, within seconds. Before you know it, you’ll be over those silly fears and thankful you have friends like them. Peer pressure, I guess, is not always a bad thing.

5. Always have in mind that you have what it takes to overcome your fears. 

Reinforce this notion in your head. Don’t think twice. Overthinking has never helped anyone, so just follow your fears instead of your instincts.

Once you reach the other side of fear, you’ll be surprised at the things you will encounter: fulfilled dreams, growth, and freedom. All it takes is taking initiative.

6. Get a sense of size and proportion.

Ask yourself these questions: What is it you are afraid of? How big is that obstacle? How huge is that fear? Is it bigger than you? Is your fear bigger than your future? Is it bigger than your life? Is it bigger than the happiness and growth you deserve? The answer is no.

Don’t get caught up in a negative mindset. Focus on the things you want to achieve and on the person you want to become. Try to compare your potential with the size of your fear (which only looks big but is in fact, the size of a bean), and you’ll get the idea as to what you’re supposed to do next.

Once you’ve measured the proportion of your fear and realized it’s not bigger than you, proceed to crash its spirits.

If we want to fulfill our dreams, first we need to jump over that high fence called fear

Crash that negative state of mind because you deserve to grow personally and to be set free.

Nora Connel