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It’s Okay To Feel Sad Around The Holidays

It’s Okay To Feel Sad Around The Holidays

It’s okay to wish that you had a partner to kiss beneath the mistletoe.

It’s okay to feel sad and weird when your mother, grandmother, and all your aunts start asking you about your love life and why you still don’t have a partner.

It’s okay to feel jealous when you see pictures of your friends with their engagement and wedding photos.

It’s okay to feel lonely even though you are in a room full of people.

It’s okay to miss someone and check your phone every minute to see if they have replied to your “Merry Christmas” text.

It’s okay to miss the people who are no longer alive.

It’s okay to wish everything were as it was when you were a little kid and your whole family was together.

It’s okay to be upset for Christmas no longer feeling like Christmas.

It’s okay for you to get angry and frustrated when the people you love make you feel like there is something wrong with you.

It’s okay to have a shitty Christmas. It’s okay to not be excited about the New Year. It’s okay to feel like you can’t wait for all of it to be over.

It’s okay. There isn’t anything wrong with you for being sad on the “happiest” days of the year.

It’s okay to not be in the mood for smiling and taking pictures.

And finally, if you are feeling anxious and depressed, it’s okay to feel that way. Do what feels good to your heart. If you are not feeling like celebrating, don’t do it.

After all, you have a whole new year waiting for you to heal your heart and go after your goals. You have 365 more chances to be happy.

Make a wish and make it happen.

Mary Wright