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It’s Not That Emotional Burdens Press Hard, It’s That No One Asks If You Are Okay


Sometimes, the truth comes slowly to us. It’s like a rusty train that barely moves, clunking. Other times, the truth dawns on us and we can’t do anything to stop it.

You realize your life has been a trail of breakups and emotional bruising. 

You realize you’ve been strong for too long and you’ve been putting yourself on the line for everyone for as long as you remember. And you also know that it hasn’t always been reciprocated. 

You are outstandingly powerful, my friend. You take every failure, every heartbreak, every burned bridge in stride. You deal with it on your own because you don’t want to bother people with your “nonsense”. But you need to stop that.

Love and friendship are teamwork.

And for a good reason. Two people are needed for every relationship. You are supposed to share feelings and opinions, peaks and hardships together.

Remind yourself to let go of the burden you carry. You are just human. You are allowed. Unload those tons of water in your well of emotions.

Talking about emotional burdens and bruises can be much more healing than pretending everything is fine and keeping silent about.

You do not always have to be the fixer. The peacemaker. You can draw the line sometimes and raise the bar on your standards and expectations. 

You can ask for help and you can ask for advice. As we grow older, our emotions deepen. We feel things on a deeper level, but we hide that because we want to look strong and put together. We have jobs to maintain and a lot is expected of us, but sometimes,  you just need to stop yourself and take a break.

You need to stop that train before it derails and causes irreparable damage.

You need to restore yourself. Soak in some calmness. Talk with someone. Sift the emotional hurt and negativity. 

Acknowledge that you are just as strong as anyone else and if you need a break, you should take it. It makes you more human.

Nora Connel