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It’s Never Too Late To Fall In Love With Yourself Again

It’s Never Too Late To Fall In Love With Yourself Again

When hurt, people often forget who they were before the pain. Failures throw people into a self-degrading decay. You lose yourself trying to live up to everybody’s standards when in fact you have to do the opposite – just be who you are and love yourself.

I know that dealing with a huge emotional burden is hard, but here are some useful ways in which you can fall in love with yourself again:

1. Take good care of your body.

Self-love starts with taking good care of your body and overall health. Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet is essential for living a good life. Your body will be grateful for the care it receives, and you will feel energized and fresh, up and running the whole time.

Oh, and glowing skin – don’t forget the positive effect a moisturized, shiny skin can have on your mood.

2. Take more time for yourself.

You really don’t have to say yes to all the plans your friends are up to.  Follow your desires and never ignore your own needs. Do what makes you happy. You are the person you will spend the biggest amount of time with, so you have to feel comfortable in your own skin, and most importantly, be happy and pleased.

Do you feel like going to the zoo to feed the monkeys bananas or having a nice, warm, bubbly bath? Say no more, just do it. The whole world can wait.

3. Zoom in on the things you love about yourself.

As humans, we tend to focus on our flaws and imperfections most of the time. But, instead of focusing on your shortcomings and limitations, why don’t you start focusing on what is beautiful on you, in you, and around you. You will be surprised to learn that you have much greater potential if you open yourself to a more positive perspective unrestrained by insecurity or a lack of self-confidence.

4. Say goodbye to the mistakes and the bad decisions you’ve made.

No one is infallible, so yes, we’ve all had bad breakups, rows with our parents, friends we’ve grown apart from,  and horrible hangovers which we still regret. We have all been put in an embarrassing situation and felt like we were trapped in a corner.

Don’t regret your past. Embrace it. It’s shaped you into who you are now. 

5. Get rid of the negative people in your life.

People who take you for granted, people who can never find time for you but can always find an excuse, toxic people treating you like a toy … you don’t need any of them. Shut the door to such people and move past their negativity – they take away your happiness. Cry over them, get it all out, but then move forward. Free of the negative influence of toxic connections and lousy friends.

You may end up having a smaller circle of friends now, but at least you’ll know it’s the one to keep. Your mental health will be eternally thankful for this.

6. Count your blessings.

Appreciate your talents, your strength, your experiences, and don’t be afraid to share them with the world. They are yours and they are unique.

Appreciate every encounter, every challenge, and be proud of it. If you don’t appreciate all of this, don’t expect others to do it for you. It all starts with you.

7. Come up with a self-love ritual.

It can be a simple one – ginger tea and a croissant to get your day started, praying, reading a good book before bed … anything that works for you and anything that can elevate your spirits and boost your mood during the day. Put yourself first.

Create that this-is-what-works-for-me list, make yourself a priority, and embrace this self-love ritual with all its perks and benefits it has to offer you.

Nora Connel