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In 2020, Focus On Yourself And Learn What Self-Love Really Means


Finish what you’ve started, end what doesn’t help you evolve, say goodbye to things and people you’ve decided to leave behind you, and in 2020, put more effort into loving and appreciating yourself.

In 2020, let go of people who have hurt you. Don’t waste your precious time or energy trying to save something that is clearly broken. Do not give a damn about things that don’t concern you. Do not let others take advantage of your kindness. Don’t let them mistreat you. Don’t hold on to fake relationships, just for the sake of not ending up alone. Instead, focus on yourself and ask yourself what is it that YOU want.

In 2020, take care of your mental health. Pay attention to the signs your body is sending you. Pay attention to how the people who are a part of your life affect you. Cancel your plans if you feel like you need to be on your own. Quit your job if it’s sucking your energy and it makes you miserable. End the relationships that are eager to rip a part of your heart, but never give you anything in return. Reflect on yourself. Do not hide your emotions until they burst out. Get help. Open up. Set your soul free.

In 2020, learn what self-love really means. Stop putting yourself at the bottom of your priority list. Stop allowing others to define your way of living. Stop asking for validation. Get out of your shell, embrace the real you, accept your flaws, change the things you dislike about yourself, and love yourself. Hug, forgive and comfort yourself. Give yourself time to grow. Isolate your soul from everyone and everything if you need to, but never stop working on your own development. Self-love is the most important thing you can do for yourself.

In 2020, show the ones you love, just how much they mean to you. Stop reminiscing about relationships that never made it and people who never saw your worth. Stop pitying yourself. Instead, glance around at all the people who are right there beside you and let them know how much their loyalty and love mean to you. Make them aware of the place they hold in your heart. Love them and appreciate the ones who value you.

In 2020, move your boundaries and challenge yourself. Leave the familiarity of your comfort zone and put yourself to the ultimate test. Do not let yourself get stuck in one place. Do not make the mistake to settle for an average existence. Do not ignore your crazy dreams. Take that risk. Surrender yourself to the unknown. Who knows where will it take you? Don’t hold yourself back. Live your life freely. And even if you fail, accept it. That is just another inevitable part of the process.

In 2020, promise yourself that you’ll live every second of your life.

In 2020, I wish you nothing but the best.

I hope you make this a year to remember.

Stephanie Reeds