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I’ll Do Whatever The Hell I Want, And Nothing Will Stop Me This Time


I am a woman and I am aware that even though we are fighting so hard for gender equality, it is still an ongoing battle and women are still expected to get married, go to work, have kids, do the household chores, make money but not as much as their husbands, be caring, sensitive, and forgiving.

But what about those women who refuse to follow these rules? I am a woman who doesn’t fit that norm. And what if I want to focus on my career first and think about whether I want to get married and have children later?

Because guess what? This is my life and I am going to live it the way I want.

Sometimes it does leave me feeling like I am doing something wrong, especially when I am scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook or Instagram and all I am seeing are engagements, weddings, and babies. During those moments I am wondering whether I made the right choices in life. The answer is YES. I am on the right path because I’ve chosen it.

Of course, the whole concept of going to college, finding a job, getting married, having children, and living happily ever after is great, but it is not for everyone. Some people want to meet someone and then start building a life together, a life that suits both of them. Others want to develop their careers first, and then merge their life with their partner and become the ultimate duo. I belong to the second group.

I belong to the second group of people because I prefer setting the career goals for myself and not having anyone to blame for my failures, but also not having someone else responsible for my success either. I want my career to be my own. My career is my baby.

I belong to the second group because I want to enjoy my life and do whatever the hell I want without anyone stopping me. At my 26, I really enjoy being an aunt rather than a mom.

And guys I know that there are some of you who married your high school sweetheart and live a happy life. But there are also some who are in a relationship with a person for 10 years and still not settling down. Then, there are those who find themselves single at 35 and think of themselves as unworthy or damaged because all their friends are married. Don’t do that.

No matter what your situation is – don’t settle. Why?

Because you chose to stand up for whatever you wanted. It’s not that you didn’t have offers, it’s that you refused to change and settle down just to make society happy and fit the norm.

Don’t make apologies for who you are. I certainly won’t do that again.

I have one life and I am going to do whatever the hell I want.

Mary Wright