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Inside The Mind Of The Woman Destroyed By An Emotional Psychopath


She was a woman who believed in love. She wanted to find the right man for her and live a happy life. She heard many stories of women who were hurt and abused but she has never imagined that something like that will happen to her.

Her dreams were simple. All she wanted was a small home that she will call her own and a loving man by her side with whom she will create her future together. However, it turned out that life has different plans for her.

All her dreams fell apart. They were quickly turned into nightmares when she discovered that the love of her life, the man she thought was genuine and perfect for her, was an emotional psychopath. A monster that brought nothing but pain and suffering into her life.

But she loved him. She fell in love with him even though everything inside her was screaming to run from him. But she ignored her intuition and followed her heart instead because she thought it is the right thing to do. He was so amazing that she couldn’t help herself. Little did she know that he was deceiving her, and it was not until she fell under his spell that he showed his true colors.

But, how could she have ever known that he would rob her of her happiness and turn her into someone she was not? How could she have ever known that he would toy with her emotions and manipulate her for his own selfish needs? How could she have ever known that he would break her heart so mercilessly?

Deep inside her, she knew what was happening, but she ignored her instincts. So, she gave him many chances, more than she would like to admit, but he never changed. He continued to abuse her and drain her energy and zest for life.

From a beautiful and radiant woman, she became empty.

He lied to her, was jealous of her kind nature, isolated her from her closest friends and family, gaslighted her, made her believe in things that never happened, never loved her, and blamed her for everything.

She was alone and broken. But she still had a little fight in her left. So, she decided to fight for her own life and walk away from him.

Now, she knows that the path of healing is a long and difficult one, but she is willing to do it. She is willing to heal her heart and recapture her broken dreams. She is ready to rise from the ashes like a beautiful phoenix. She realizes that this battle will be hard, but she is ready to do everything to feel like herself again.

Now, she is fighting for herself. She is strong because she has managed to survive the emotional abuse. The emotional psychopath couldn’t break her. He only made her stronger and braver. She is finally standing up for herself.

She knows what she deserves now, and she won’t settle for less. She is determined to create her own rules and live her life accordingly. She knows that when the time comes, she will find love again. Until then, she will be busy falling in love with herself.

Mary Wright