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If You’ve Been Suffering In The Hands Of A Narcissist, You’re Not Alone

If You’ve Been Suffering In The Hands Of A Narcissist, You’re Not Alone

If you’ve fallen for someone with a narcissistic personality disorder you know how painful it is and how severe the consequences can be. The worst thing is that it can be a long time before the victim gets aware of the abuse because the narcissist manipulates and controls their victims in a subtle but extremely dangerous way that is even more difficult to get out of.

A person with a narcissistic personality disorder has a larger-than-life sense of importance. They think they are entitled to always getting attention and special treatment from others because they believe they are better than them. They have neither love nor empathy for other people and everything they do they do it in order to fulfill some of their needs.

They lie, abuse, manipulate, cheat, and blame others for their mistakes. They view their victims as their puppets, and they use them for their own personal gains. They can destroy a person’s life without remorse and second thought.

The victim will be left heartbroken, isolated, and not knowing who they are anymore. They will need a lot of time to heal and regain all the parts of themselves they’ve lost while they were suffering in the hands of the narcissist.  

If you are not sure whether you’ve been a victim of someone with a narcissistic personality disorder, here are 3 telltale signs that prove you have.

1. You Were Doing Whatever It Took to Please the Abuser

Your relationship with the person with a narcissistic personality disorder may have started with them admiring your qualities, building you up, praising you, and acting all lovey-dovey and doing things that made you happy. However, over time everything was about them. They were the main and the only star in your relationship.

It is like they’ve built you up and made you fall madly in love with them only so that you can serve them better. In their world, you only existed when they needed something from you. They treated you as their slave, and you lived for the crumbs of love and generosity that they were sometimes giving you.

2. They Had The Power to Convince You to Do Anything and Believe Everything They Tell You

Anytime you’ve found the courage to leave them behind, the narcissist did everything in their power to bring you back. They lied. They threatened. They told you you’ll never find someone else. They apologized. They cried. They pleaded… And you took them back. Because they’ve got immense power over you. You just couldn’t say ‘no’ to them.

You were desperately wanting and trying to change them. You believed that they will change, that things will be different the tenth time around. You hoped they will get to their senses because your romantic soul has always believed in the happily ever after. And somehow you believed that the narcissist is your destined person.

3. You Felt Like You Are Constantly Being Put Through Severe Yet Oftentimes Unnecessary Hardship and Pain

People with narcissistic personality disorders take pleasure in creating problems that don’t exist. They love pushing your buttons and putting you through pain and agony because that’s their way of showing you who has the power. They make their victims feel like their world will crash down if they leave them. That’s how malicious these people are.

If you’ve been in a relationship like this and you managed to get out – congratulations. You had the courage to do what most cannot. Embrace your bravery and never allow anyone to treat you like this anymore.

If, however, you are still stuck in a relationship with someone with a narcissistic personality disorder, please get out as soon as possible. Accept the fact that they will never change, and you don’t deserve to live a life of pain, heartbreak, and torture. Save yourself.

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Mary Wright