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If Your Partner Does These 7 Things During Arguments, Your Relationship Is TOXIC


Every relationship goes through problems and difficult times. But what separates healthy relationships from toxic ones is the way partners handle arguments and disagreements.

If your partner does these 7 things when you two are fighting, you are probably in a toxic relationship and you need to get out fast.

1. They try to hurt you with their words. From name calling you to cursing you out, they will say anything just to hurt you. They will bring up hurtful memories and events from your past just to remind you of their “superiority.” The words are their weapon and all they can think about is how they can hurt you even more.

2. They storm out and then ghost you. They stop replying to your texts and answering your calls. They stop talking to you altogether. If you live together, they stop telling you where they are going and when they will come back. They leave you worried without a second thought.

3. They blame you for everything. They even make you feel like you are responsible for their own mistakes. They also make it seem as if they are the ones who should be mad at you, not the other way around because, in their mind, you drove them to act and behave as they did.

4. They handle all their problems with alcohol or drugs. The second they get bothered with something, they get drunk or high. They have extremely unhealthy coping mechanisms to numb their feelings and escape from the problems instead of solving them by communication and improved behavior like mature people do.

5. They gaslight you. They make you feel like you are losing your mind. They convince you that you didn’t hear, saw, or experienced certain things. They tell you-you are crazy and delusional. And slowly, you start believing them.

6. They refuse to apologize. Because in their mind, they didn’t do anything wrong. They will always find a million excuses to justify themselves and their hurtful behavior.

7. They have a tendency to lose their temper often which makes you feel scared and unsafe around them. During an argument, they break things. They bump the wall with their fist. They throw their phone across the room. They grab you violently with their arms. They raise their voice and start threatening you. Their way of expressing their feelings is by violence because they don’t know how to deal with them in a healthy way.

Mary Wright